@NyanNyan / Himari Tanahashi
NyanNyan full
@娘々 / 棚橋陽真理
@NyanNyan / Himari Tanahashi
Age (College student)
Gayness 8
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status Crushing

@NyanNyan is a character in the series Magical Girl Raising Project. Part of Team Daisy, @Meow-Meow is a retired Magical Girl that is fiercely protective of her friends and struggles with strange, recurring memories. @Meow-Meow's friends agreed that because Tanahashi Himari was a little lazy, she should end her name with "nyan" as to resemble a cat. However, upon losing the two of them in an accident along with part of her memory, @Meow-Meow later has all of her memories of being a Magical Girl removed and retires. Before requesting the Magical Kingdom to erase her memories of magic, @Meow-Meow is often reminded of her friends. Things like kicking a soccer ball, making someone laugh, or simply doing her Magical Girl duties always brings them into mind. She quietly works as a delivery girl for the Land of Magic in the meantime, using her magical ability to safely transport items at their request. @Meow-Meow's magic allows her to seal any object, regardless of size, shape or mass, into scrolls that she can carry around with her. She can only seal non-living objects.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She's somewhat cautious but the warmth of Genopsyko's kindness brings her laughter.
  • It's Genopsyko who develops the closest relationship with @Meow-Meow. They originally bonded over their unusual Magical Girl names, and from there they are inseparable.
  • Following the battle with Akane, where Genopsyko is slashed beneath her visor and her body disappears, @Meow-Meow is clearly distraught. She holds onto the hope that Genopsyko is alive somewhere in the game. She's overjoyed when Genopsyko does eventually show up seemingly healthy and alive, her arms open wide for a hug. This is moments before every Magical Girl participating in the game decides to fight the Great Dragon. Unfortunately, @Meow-Meow has no idea that Genopsyko has died and that it's Rionetta and Melville manipulating her corpse. Genopsyko runs forwards and hugs @Meow-Meow, then rolling both of them into the Great Dragon's line of fire. She is killed instantly by scorching flames.
  • Whenever Genopskyo hugs her, she blushes.

Gallery Edit

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