Ageha Sanagi
Sanagi Ageha
Age ?
Gayness 9
Boldness  7
Commitment 10
Lewdness  6
Relationship Status In a relationship

Ageha Sanagi is a supporting character in the yuri series Ange Vierge. A soldier from the Green World, and Mayuka Sanagi's older sister.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Though she is serious and acts like a drill sergeant towards Mayuka, she is shown to love her very much.
  • In the grenades special training, she said she's proud to have a brilliant sister like Mayuka.
  • In the resting special training, she slept next to Mayuka in a bed surrounded by hearts, Mayuka slept in Ageha's lap because she can't sleep without if she's not holding her stuffed animal which she have in the sleeping quarters, so she held Ageha instead to practice resting, to let her sleep in her arms.
  • Refers to Mayuka once as a cute little sister for her.
  • Despite her cold treatment towards Mayuka, she would show sings of affection to her sometimes, like when she tried to join her to the dangerous training of spicy hot onigiri/Russian roulette rice balls in order to assure her safety.
  • After the Green World battle, she was embarrassed for Mayuka did mention their intimate night time.

Gallery Edit

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