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Akari Ōzora
Ōzora Akari
Age 13-14
Gayness 9
Boldness 7
Commitment 8
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Possibly Crushing

Akari Ōzora is a main character in the series Aikatsu!. She is a cute-type idol and her primary brand is Dreamy Crown. A clumsy, somewhat nervous, yet cheerful girl. She appears to cry and get frustrated easily, but is determined nonetheless. Her favorite foods includes watermelons, chocolate, donuts, mandarin and oranges. Her birthday is April 1.

Yuri Feats

With Ichigo Hoshimiya

  • She felt like she was dreaming when she entered the legendary dormitory where Ichigo is in.
  • In her view, Ichigo is the cutest.
  • Thinks it was a miracle for Ichigo to be in the same room she opened, plus she was shying and blushing after doing so.
  • Felt her heart was going to jump out of her chest to have a lesson with "Her hero" Ichigo.
  • Blushed when Ichigo came to hold her after falling.
  • "The Original Star" she was aiming for was Ichigo.
  • To her, Ichigo's smile is like the sun.
  • Blushed at the beginning of her performance with Ichigo as their hands were about to meet.
  • Blushed after hearing Ichigo's complement of her new hairstyle.
  • Wondered about Ichigo's partner.
  • Seeks to stand on stage with Ichigo more than anything else.
  • The reason she succeeded in performing a Special Appeal for once: Because she was just overcome with happiness being on stage with Ichigo, her head was completely blank, and she can't remember how it happened. Ichigo's presence allows her to excel her normal abilities.
  • Whenever she sees Ichigo's Special Appeal she feels like her heart stops and forgets to breath.
  • Can't seem to focus on her Aikatsu sometimes due to her admiration for Ichigo.
  • Her tears started to will up since Ichigo admired her heart flash, and receives her heart.
  • Got nervous when Aoi pushed her to see Ichigo after 2WingS defeat.
  • Feels like she's in the clouds whenever she thinks about Ichigo.
  • During class, she was caught daydreaming about Ichigo's last concert.
  • She was found exhaling while staring at Ichigo's poster in the dorm, wearing a pink shirt with a strawberry/ichigo print on it,
  • Every time she sees Ichigo, she feels like she'll float away.
  • Followed her idol Ichigo all the way to Starlight Academy.
  • Couldn't take her eyes off Ichigo because she finds her so dazzling and beautiful.
  • She was shy looking at Ichigo who managed to catch her after a long chase her around the academy.
  • Will treasure Ichigo's chocolate forever.
  • At the lunchbreak, she was nervously shy when she admitted her love for Ichigo.
  • She still can't believe she get to talk alone with Ichigo, every single word from her makes her happy, she treasures each and every one of them in her heart.
  • Touched her chest when she talked about Ichigo during a drive.
  • She was jealous of Sumire who got to be Ichigo's one-day-manager, she couldn't contain her jealousy that she decided to tag along, going to follow Ichigo everywhere gave her a nice feeling.
  • Before meeting Ichigo one evening, she was hoping deep inside her heart that she'd run into her, and then when she actually did, she practically jumped for joy with her face blushing.
  • Knows many things about Ichigo, like how Ichigo cut down a tree with an axe and brought it to the school grounds in order to cheer up a friend who was feeling lonely spending Christmas away from her family.
  • Blushed when she received Ichigo's wink at "Thank You, My Valentine" festival.
  • Gave Ichigo Valentine's chocolate timidly.
  • Moved to tears since she received Ichigo's Valentine's chocolate.
  • Everything Ichigo tells her gives her strength and courage.
  • Her pen is topped with a strawberry/Ichigo ornament.
  • Can't have Christmas without thinking of Ichigo, she'll never forget how glorious Ichigo looked cutting down a tree for her friend.
  • One night, she was nervously panicky after coming across Ichigo, a reaction she have not shown when meeting Aoi at the cafeteria.
  • Her eyes glittered and her cheeks were blushing since she met Ichigo before the great Ichigo festival.

With Sumire Hikami

  • She was so excited to meet the ice flower, Sumire.
  • She was astonished by Sumire's beauty, and she was blushing when she first met her.
  • Became shy when she hold hands with Sumire alone in the training room, subsequently, remembering that moment made her blush.
  • Blushed when Sumire was holding her hands in their dorm.
  • Did a Romance Unit Appeal with Sumire after giving her a wink.
  • Her heart beat faster when she viewed Sumire's kitty pose for the Halloween event.
  • Aimed to become even closer with Sumire.
  • Told Sumire that she's gorgeous while blushing in their dorm, she also feels like's losing herself when she looks at her.
  • Complimented Sumire's hair, saying that it's beautiful.
  • The day before her fist weather report, she expressed her happiness to be seeing off by her cheering that she's the best.
  • Covered Sumire one night with the blanket.
  • Welcomed Sumire into her arms after she won at the CD debut audition.


  • Before Yuu's school exchange program, she suggested Yuu to give her a ring if she ever get lonely at night.
  • Since the fan girls of Yotsuba the Academy's chef sent Valentine's chocolates to him relying on Akari and other students, she told Yotsuba that he has got Valentine's chocolates from "some people", not mentioning the gender of the senders.
  • While sitting by the fountain with Ichigo, she stated that she completely understands the feelings of Ichigo's brother of wanting to give chocolate to his beloved idol Aoi Kiriya.
  • She admired Juri Kurebayashi's hot beauty for numerous times, she also thinks she's hot even when choosing her strawberry donuts or posing.
  • The relationship between Miyabi Fujiwara and her fan girl excites her, and she supports this relationship.
  • Thinks Juri's mom is hot too.
  • Practicing handshaking with Hinaki Shinjō for her first ever handshake event made her blush.
  • Complimented Hinaki's cuteness when she was wearing her Tinkerbell outfit for the Halloween event.
  • Thinks Kī Saegusa as Pon Pon Crepe girl to be so cute.
  • Held Juri's hand closely before admiring the way she hit her three poses right after another.
  • Allowed Juri to sleep in her bed while blushing.
  • She was fed a strawberry by Hinaki.
  • Admired Miyabi's cuteness.
  • Before getting to meet Ayaka Kohashi, the weather forecaster at TV TKY, she was watching her using her Kirakiratter admiring her cuteness and beauty while blushing, and she was excited to meet her.
  • Have no hesitation to tell her parents about how Juri is so hot that she warmed her up.
  • Wished the designer of Dreamy Crown to be a "lovely lady" before meeting them.