Anime 100071 1299799
Age ?
Gayness 6
Boldness 3
Commitment 8
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Aletta is a main character in the series Restaurant to Another World. A demon girl hailing from the Demon Kingdom on the other world's Eastern Continent. When the Demon God was vanquished by the legendary Four Heroes, the power he had once bestowed upon his demonic subjects waned, and as a result Aletta was born no different from humans except for the goat horns on her head. She discovered the Nekoya's interdimensional entrance and began working every Saturday as a waitress.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Upon seeing Kuro's naked body the first time she entered through the door of Nekoya restaurant in her human form she was shy and nervous that she hesitated to cover her body using only two menus.
  • To stay at Sarah Gold's house, precisely to have the extra room, being hired as her housekeeper to do the cleaning, laundry, and other things around her house, it brought her great happiness.
  • She was blushing to her ears for Sarah welcomed her to receive her as her housekeeper with a hug.
  • The day of Satur while changing her clothes to go to Nekoya restaurant she blushed when she noticed that Sarah woke up early to converse with her. At that morning, she believed it started peacefully, as she bid farewell to her she blushed again looking at the floor.
  • In order to help Sarah out she asked the chef of Nekoya restaurant to teach her how to make buttered potatoes, since Sarah was pushing herself in chasing after a treasures and have been only eating jerky from the pantry even as a late night snack. And when she was to present the dish to her she was twitching and blushing, she even tried to cover her face, plus the time she started to taste it she was hiding behind the door of her room.
  • At chapter 4 page 3 she was flustered and her face was red when she witnessed Red Queen's naked body as soon as she bursted the door of Nekoya restaurant. She was totally amazed by her that she peeked at her while she was waiting for her order and admired how she looked gorgeous and powerful, and flustered at her calling, and the moment Red Queen squished her cheek.


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