Alice Cartelet
Arisu Kātaretto
Age 17
Gayness 9
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Alice Cartelet is one of the main characters on both the manga and anime Kiniro Mosaic. Alice is a cute and shy girl from England who transfers into Shinobu's school and stays at her house, she's very fond of Japanese culture. Alice loves Shinobu and tends to get jealous if she shows interest in others, or if others show interest in her.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She's possessive and clingy with Shino.
  • She gets jealous when Karen or Karasuma-sensei try to get close to Shino, she even confronts them the same way a jealous girlfriend confronts another girl that gets too friendly with her lover.
  • She made a lunch-box especially for Shino.
  • Every year she throws a party called "The Shino Anniversary" with her family, celebrating the first day that Shino came to stay with her in England. She got a bit mad when Shino forgot what day it was, but after forgiving her she gave her a gift to celebrate the occasion at sunset with a shy face.
  • In the Christmas episode she said more than once that she wanted to spend a "Japanese Christmas" with Shino, which is a day for lovers much like Valentine's Day. Yoko even brings up this point.
  • There was another relevant moment in the same episode, after New Year, when she said "I Like You" in English to Shino. Again, Yoko, who tends to be a dense character, remarks this scene.
  • It's pretty dangerous for her to be separated from Shino, even being just a classroom separated from her makes her feel really bad. This is remarked again in the manga when she and Karen visit England during their summer break, she made Karen wear a wig and pretend to be Shino the whole time.
  • She tends to be really excited whenever Shino is involved.

Gallery Edit

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