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Alicetaria February
Re Creators 10.jpg
Arisuteria Feburarī
Age ?
Gayness 8
Boldness 7
Commitment 10
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Separated

Alicetaria February is a main character in the series Re: Creators. She is a young woman who is a noble's daughter, protagonist, and heroine of the fantasy genre epic manga and anime franchise titled Alicetaria of the Scarlet (緋色のアリステリア Hiiro no Arisuteria), which makes her the princess of the Holy Ulterstein Kingdom. In her world, she fights using the Götz von Berlichingen, passed down through the royal family, in order to save the world from the forces of Unterwelt summoned by the black sorcerer Peeping Eternity. By chanting "Gotz von Berlichingen with the power of the star of dawn let loose the arrows that defeat evil!" Alicetaria can create a huge orb of purple lightning which send out 7 strikes onto the target. This was first seen used when Alicetaria used it to take out a dragon in her home world. By chanting "Gotz von Berlichingen answer my gauntlet's summon knight of dawn...reveal yourself here!" Alicetaria can summon an army in the sky to aid her in battle. The army can shoot powerful lasers out of spears they all wield. Alicetaria can create a white horse than can create pink wings from its sides to let it fly.

Yuri Feats

  • Alicetaria seems to care a lot about Mamika, but she appears to be very hostile towards others. According to Meteora Österreich, she is all muscle and no brains, and easily falls for Magane Chikujoin's deceptions, since she mistakenly believes that Meteora killed Mamika.
  • Alicetaria February first appeared in episode 3, when she saved Mamika Kirameki from Yuya Mirokuji. Mamika and Alicetaria are flying together on Alicetaria's Pegasus, and the two of them return to their hideout, Later she and Mamika have dinner together, and she was fed by Mamiika.
  • She blushes if Mamiika holds her hand.
  • In episode 9 Alicetaria finds Mamika mortally wounded and holds her in her arms before she disapeears.