Ange le Carré
Ange image
Age 17
Gayness 8
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status In a relationship

Ange le Carré is the main protagonist in Princess Principal and is the true princess of Albion. Her birth name is Charlotte but only Princess knows this. She is known as Ange in the series.

Angie was born somewhere in the 19th century in London and is in fact the real princess of the Kingdom of Albion. she encountered another simple girl who looked remarkably like her, who introduced herself as Ange (Princess). These two have become quick friends and will spend their time together and play pranks on their guardians, switching roles because of their similar appearance.

On the day of the revolution, the two friends had decided to switch places so Ange could see the world outside the palace. Unfortunately, the revolution occurred, dividing the Albion nation into the Kingdom and the Commonwealth - trapping the two on opposite sides in their reversed roles. Ange began her life in the Commonwealth and Princess took over Ange's place as the Princess of the Albion Kingdom.

Afterwards, she came upon an orphanage after her (princess's) parents were presumably killed and met Dorothy and was subsequently taken in to become a spy. She then worked her hardest in the program in order to be send across the wall to reunite with Princess.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Episode 2 spilled wine on the princess in order to meet her alone in her bedchamber, whether to enlist her help as a spy to seize the Albion throne or to see her take off her skirt is up to the audience to decided.
  • Episode 3 reviles that she has lived her life as a spy solely for the purpose of stealing the princess off to live together in Casablanca. Lots of hand-holding and crying ensues.
  • Episode 8 Ange and Charlotte look identical therefore lots dressing as each other, lots of hugging, hand holding and confessions of love. and multiple scenes of them undressing each other.
  • Episode 11 lots of hand holding, snuggling, explosions, both Ange and Charlotte try to deceive the other in order to sacrifice themselves in order to save the other.
  • Episode 12 Ange saves Charlotte, holds her in her arms and confesses her love. Epic spy music plays.
  • Episode 13 They have a Yuri vacation to Casablanca. FIN


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