Annalot Ella Permeal
アンナロッテ エル プルミール
Annarotte Eru Purumīru
Age 19
Gayness 7
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status In a relationship

Annalot Ella Permeal is a playable character in the video game Knights in the Nightmare. The young daughter of Freiber the Wizard, and one of the newest and youngest recruits. Despite her clumsiness, Annalot trains to become an officer. She exhibits a kind, stately maturity and is both strong-willed and noble. She has been friends with Lillian since they were in school together.

Yuri Feats

  • She treasures Lillian since she's the only person who understood her loneliness.
  • She can be clingy to Lillian.


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