Asagiri Chisaki
Asagiri Chisaki
Chisaki Asagiri
Age ??? (High school aged)
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status In a relationship

Asagiri Chisaki is a character from the yuri manga Futakaku Kankei. Due to events in the manga, Asagiri confessing her love to who she thinks is Himari, but who in reality is her twin sister Airi.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Has a crush on Himari
  • Blushes when Airi (Disguised as Himari) inspects her clothing.
  • Confesses her love to 'Himari'
  • Sends 'Himari' lots of texts and selfies, of which, she isn't comfortable showing others.
    • This includes a selfie of her in the bath
    • These photos are only for her and 'Himari'
  • Looks forward to work, because at work, she can see Himari
    • Himari is the reason that work is fun for her.
  • Invites 'Himari' out to the amusement park
    • Clings to 'Himari' in the haunted house the entire time
      • She says that her heart was racing, and not because of the ghosts
  • Gets really, really flustered at the idea of sharing an indirect kiss with 'Himari'
  • Has a bath with 'Himari' (Both of them are nude)
    • She's shy about being seen nude by 'Himari'
  • Mistakenly thinks 'Himari' wants to sleep in the same bed as her and gets really flustered and blushes a lot.
    • When she realises her mistake, she then asks for 'Himari' to sleep with her in the same bed
  • Kisses 'Himari'
  • Cares for 'Himari' when she's sick by feeding her pudding with a spoon
  • Gets jealous of Ichika when Himari says that she and Ichika are super close friends.
  • When she sees 'Himari' in her underwear, she makes little attempt to cover her eyes or look away
  • She after 'Himari' finishes her shower, Asagiri dries her off, blushing the whole time.
    • When she's finished, she kisses 'Himari' on her upper back

Gallery Edit

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