Asuka Ōsachi
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大幸 あすか
Ōsachi Asuka
Age 19
Gayness 10
Boldness 7
Commitment 6
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Dating/Married in one of the endings

Asuka Ōsachi is the protagonist of the yuri visual novel Nurse Love Addiction (known in Japan as Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou). The honest, simple, relaxed, fluffy and somewhat sluggish older sister. She's not dumb, but her memory could use some work. Nicknames during high school: "Jellyfish Club Leader", "Lazy Sis." In general, she's pretty much hopeless, but she has a knack for being loved by others. When it really counts, her ability to get things done and decisiveness shines through. Doesn't have memory of the first 8 years of her life, but she's not too worried about that. She heard from her parents that she was being mischievous at one time when she was a kid, climbed up a tree and fell off. But she doesn't remember any of it. Up until her high school career inquiry, she hasn't given much thought to her future, but from the words "I'll be a nurse!" written in the final page of her favorite picture book in elementary, she decided to aspire to be one. She currently doesn't have a clear reason on why she chose that path, but together with the help from her little sister Nao, both enroll in the Imperial Capital Nursing Technical School, getting one step closer to becoming a nurse. Her birthday is 2 April.

Yuri Feats

With Sakuya

  • The first time she saw Sakuya, she stared at her vacantly, losing sense of time, she couldn't seem to remove her gaze from her. For a short moment she couldn't think of anything, her mind was blank, as if she had been shot out into the outer space.
  • Thinks Sakuya is a beautiful name.
  • In a rainy day, She walked next to Sakuya under one umbrella, she felt shy when their arms touch, she also couldn't help but stare at her composed beauty.
  • In a corridor, she followed Sakuya with her eyes, wanting to ask her why she had seen a star when she looked at her.
  • Loves the scent of Sakuya's hair.
  • As she gazes at Sakuya's face, her hearts skips a beat.
  • Her heart lets out a small leap just by Sakuya saying her first name.
  • As she dries her body, she cast a glance towards Sakuya, she stares at the outline of her body in profile, and her "breathtakingly" white skin, then complimented her "beautiful skin".
  • Accidentally and unintentionally, She fell on top of Sakuya on the floor, placing her hand on her breasts, she could see her own reflection on Sakuya's eyes, then she swallowed nervously.
  • Ever since the day she fell on Sakuya, she finds her own eyes following Sakuya unconsciously.
  • Became excited and slightly shy after knowing about Sakuya's lacy night dress.
  • Asuka married her when she's almost dying, fulfilling Sakuya's desire to marry her.

With Nao

  • One day she woke up realizing how adorable Nao looked when she was close to her.
  • Noticed how adorable Nao looked when she was surprised on the way to the academy.
  • She dislikes the gloomy rainy season and headaches, but she likes having Nao do her healing magic charm on her, and she consider her as her miracle drug.
  • Nao's healing magic charms are kept as a precious moments in her mind.
  • Before getting to have a night jog, she played "the fisherman and his wife" with Nao.
  • Clutched Nao tightly in an embrace as she was crying tears of gratitude.
  • Would ask Nao for a healing magic charm whenever she have a headache.
  • Said that she loves Nao.
  • No part of her resist the idea of kissing Nao.
  • Wears matching pajamas with Nao but in different colors.
  • Told Nao that she tastes like Panna Cotta.
  • She kissed Nao on the lips.

With Kaede

  • She sucked Kaede's fingertip.
  • Kaede is whom she likened to as the perfect white robe angel.
  • Became shy once she came across Kaede one night.
  • Kaede's words can warm her heart.
  • Can't stand being separated from Kaede.
  • Drooled when she stared at Kaede before the bed making lesson.
  • When Kaede smiled gently at her, she felt herself go weak in the knees.
  • Watched Kaede as if she's being drawn into her during the bed making class.
  • During the bed making class, she expressed her wish to sleep on the bed made by Kaede.


  • She was in a panic after witnessing the kiss between Itsuki and Sakuya, she hurried to her dorm feeling both thirsty and nervous.
  • Her body temperature rouse high when she remembers the kiss or think about the relationship between Itsuki and Sakuya.
  • Seeing Itsuki close up, she realized for the first time that behind her designer glasses her eyes were "a beautiful blue".
  • Admired Itsuki's body features which she describe as surprisingly beautiful features.
  • Kyoko and Asuka got together in the end, sharing a kiss under the starry sky.
  • Asuka formed a family with Kyoko and Sakuya got reborn as their child.


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