Azusa Aoi
Anime 38246 510301-1
蒼井 あずさ
Aoi Azusa
Age 15-17
Gayness 10
Boldness 8
Commitment 4
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status Crushing

Azusa Aoi is a supporting character in the yuri series "Sasameki Koto". A pure and introverted girl who is a Yuri Otaku.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She is a Yuri fan, and a fan of an author she is in love with Masaka Orino (uninformed that it's actually Ushio's older brother), she fantasizes about Masaka and herself, what matters are the feelings she have for Masaka onee-sama, just as she hold her in her heart. And she's sure that Masaka is both beautiful and romantic woman.
  • Her love for the Yuri mangaka Masaka is the reason she embraces her and love the Yuri world.
  • Masaka onee-sama is the only one for her.
  • The "Yuri Fest" with all the latest yuri works for sale is one of the magazines she is interested in. As the missionaries of Masaka Orino, she wanted to set up a place for her goods, and hopes Masaka onee-sama will find it interesting.
  • Even though summer vacation hasn't even started yet, she was already having this much fun of writing her own yuri doujinshi.
  • For her summer, she wanted to made a yuri doujinshi with Sumika, sleep over at her place, participate in a yuri event, go to the beach and the mountains, things like that excites her.
  • Aoi thinks that love between girls must be something completely pure and fragile, hidden away from people's eyes; for this reason she doesn't like Tomoe and Miyako's relationship, considering them way too blatant.
  • She likes attending yuri-only events and writing yuri dōjinshi, and she wishes to do it with Sumika Murasame.
  • After viewing Sumika's home, she compares it to a splendid mansion, and guessed that she have a summer house, too. She wondered what to do if she were to invite her, and under the beautiful starry sky, it's as if the two of them are floating in space. This thought activates her yuri imagination for writing an original that summer.
  • For a cosplay of the yuri event, she have made a uniform from 'Seigetsu girls' high school of the manga she fancies, from a uniform similar to it and made a few alterations.
  • After realizing that Sumika and Ushio like each other, though neither has realized it yet, she decided to quit getting in their way, in order for each of them to realize her own feelings, and she thinks that they're quite lovely.
  • Where literary, parodies, 2-D and 3-D full of variety, a liberated zone for Yuri. On that day alone, the sacred land of Ariake will be closed to males, a biannual festival of maidens, is where she is so excited to go.
  • What she truly wants is to preserve Sumika and Ushio's love special she got to watch grow.


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