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Chōhi Yokutoku / Rinrin
張飛 翼徳 / 鈴々
Chōhi Yokutoku / Rinrin
Age ?
Gayness 9
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Possibly Crushing

Chōhi Yokutoku / Rinrin is a main character in the series Koihime Musou. A talkative and always cheerful girl. Chōhi leaves her hometown with Kan'u to save people suffering from the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Yuri Feats

  • Her story: When she was very young, her parents were killed by bandits and she was taken in by her grandfather. But when he passed away, Chōhi was all alone. To ease her loneliness, she led a group of kids in her village and formed the "Rinrin Bandits". Together, the kids hid in the mountains and often pulled pranks on the villagers. Then Kan'u came along. After hearing about how Chōhi lost her family the same way she did, Kan'u shows sympathy. When the village chief finally becomes fed up and decides to send officials to arrest Chōhi, Kan'u offers to do the job instead because she felt Chōhi does not deserve the punishment the officials had planned. The two meet and fight late into the night, Kan'u questions why is she causing other people suffering despite herself having suffered. Finally Kan'u's words reach Chōhi, who breaks down crying and admits that she's just lonely and doesn't know what to do. Kan'u then decides to spend the night with her. While in bed Kan'u mentions that she's of age to be Chōhi's older sister. This promps Chōhi to call Kan'u "onee-chan"; eventually they make a vow of sisterhood (since they did this literally while in bed, it would later cause many misunderstandings in the future when Chōhi recollects the event) and Chōhi accompanies Kan'u on her journey.
  • In the anime, she appears to have a big sister complex for Kan'u; during the second season, she considers herself the only little sister of Kan'u and opposes Ryūbi from being the second younger sibling (in the end Ryūbi becomes the oldest sister, leaving Chōhi's position untouched).
  • She loves to sleep in Kan'u lap.
  • On her visit to Kōson castle, she boldly stated that she's the Seme (the giver), while Kan'u is the Uke (the receiver).
  • Brags about pledging her relationship with Kan'u in bed.
  • After pledging her sisterly relationship with Kan'u in bed, she hugged her passionately.
  • She was the one who invited Kan'u to stay at her place after being defeated.
  • Constantly gets jealous whenever Kan'u takes another girl's side.
  • In a misty day, after Kan'u had injured her ankle, she carried her on her back, clarifying her interest in feeling Kan'u "squishy breasts" against her back.
  • When Kan'u was injured, she carried Kan'u to her desired destinations, and gets extremely jealous whenever Shuri decides to help Kan'u in her place.
  • Had a wish of being patted by Kan'u before collecting the Saronpa medical herb needed to cure her ankle injury.
  • After parting ways with Kan'u, she rushed to hug her passionately near the rice fields.
  • Knows that Kan'u have got a moist and slick lower part.
  • When she missed Kan'u, she pictured her on a passing cloud.
  • She was moved to tears after Kan'u promised her to stay together forever.
  • In the bath, she admired Kan'u's large breasts.
  • Even though it was so soon, she asked Kan'u to call her using the friendly mana name.
  • Shoved off like the wind to the bandits' hideout in a mine to save Kan'u.
  • Can't stand being separated from Kan'u.