Chiharu Ōno
Sroundabout 002-1
Ōno Chiharu
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status In an on, off, on again type of relationship

Chiharu Ōno is a main character in the story Roundabout of Yuri Hime Collection. An easygoing, relaxed and playful young women who was a popular student in her school days. She and Asami Kawahara kept their relationship a secret because they didn't want to worry about jealousy from Chiharu's many admirers, until Chiharu vanished one day, Asami asked a teacher about it and found out her family had moved abroad for work. She isn't the type of person who sticks with things, and she gives up really quickly.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She have been dating Asami for two months.
  • Giggled quietly while watching a comedy show with Asami since she thinks how happy she is to be with the girl she loves.
  • Hugs Asami and tells her she loves her.
  • Promised to be together with Asami forever.
  • She always tells Asami how cute she looks everyday during their school days.
  • Students weren't allowed on the roof, so she and Asami went up there to steal kisses.
  • Can't wait to taste Asami's home cooking.
  • She was fed by Asami.
  • She kisses Asami.
  • She came looking for Asami since she disappeared on her.
  • Even though it was raining, she stayed near her house waiting for Asami to agree to talk to her.
  • She loves Asami's Dere side.
  • The reason she didn't say goodbye to Asami before leaving the school: Because it was too hard for her.
  • Thinks Asami gorgeous looks was the reason she didn't recognize her before, and so she fell in love with her twice.
  • After staying under the rain, she seeks Asami's warmth and kiss.
  • Asami is the only one in her heart.

Gallery Edit

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