Chika Hakozaki
Hakozaki Chika
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 8
Relationship Status Crushing

Chika Hakozaki is a character in the Neptunia series and the Oracle of Leanbox. Her personality is rather playful, spoiled and energetic, fashioning herself as the younger sister of Vert, although they are not biologically related but can also take up a serious role when necessary.

Yuri Feats

  • She loves Vert more than anything else and claims to be her younger sister. In Chika's eyes, there is nothing more important than her beloved "big sister".
  • She is certifiably crazy about Vert and most likely due to how close Vert seems to be with Nepgear, she has a strange relationship with her.
  • Chika, in a word, is obsessed with Vert, doing anything just to get her attention. This ranges from pretending to be sick to bringing up various video games for Vert to play.
  • She has shown tendencies of being obsessed with herself, and Vert, who is almost like a sister to her. This can be proven during the Leanbox ending where Nepgear and Vert are shown to be dressing up together and she is jealousy watching with a curious Neptune.
  • Vert is her dearest person as noted by her.
  • She has been with Vert from the moment she was born, and she calls her (Onee-sama).
  • Her first priority is always Vert and that she has a plaque to prove it. She also has very intimate moments with Vert as well, which may mean she has feelings for Vert. This is shown during the one moment where she is shown massaging her while she's naked (or at least mostly naked). In the group photo, her hands are shown to be on/by Vert's chest, who doesn't seem to mind. *While Vert was sitting on bed, being massaged by her, she enjoys viewing her extremely beautiful skin, and her bust looks squished by her body is enough to make her droll for she was captivated by Vert's magnificent everything.
  • She is glad to hear that she was a good helper to Vert.
  • What makes her so sad is that if it's been several days and she havn't been showered by Vert with even a moment of her time.
  • In one of the official cards, she made a three-layered chocolate cake topped with chocolate figures of her and Vert holding hands.
  • The reason why she had joined Vert in any effort because she just sick and tired of waiting for Vert come home "like I'm some kind of housewife" as said by her.
  • Her demand is to do whatever it takes to stand by Vert's side, actually, she trained herself in her arts so she could fight at Vert's side and protect her one day.
  • Of her jealousy, in her heart, she wished to be addressed by Vert to her heart's content in place of Nepgear.


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