Chikaru Minamoto
Minamoto Chikaru
源 千華留
Minamoto Chikaru
Age 16
Gayness 6
Boldness 7
Commitment 1
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Crushing

Chikaru Minamoto is a secondary character in the yuri series "Strawberry Panic!". A free-minded, playful girl and natural leader, occupies several positions of authority in the school: She is the student council of Lulim, the President of the Transformation Club (where members cosplay various themes), the Secret Club (where members try to solve mysteries), and a variety of other clubs which she regularly creates. She has a friendly personality and enjoys helping others when they need it, which makes her an excellent candidate for the student council.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • At the culture festival play discourse, she recommend that Astraea would play the suspicious yet attractive heroine Carmen, and that Shizumna will take the role of Carmen.
  • In Carmen play, she took the half role of Carmen, before she hurt her leg after hugging Amane as Escamillo.
  • By her panda and pig puppets show she expressed that and Hikari are quite the pair, and she's more interested in who Miator will send out.
  • Hugging Nagisa, and warming her hand by her breath, letting her sleep on her thighs, is what she did to ease Nagisa's hurt heart over Shizuma one night.
  • In order to ease Hikari's anxiety about her relationship with Amane, she explained to her that Amane's heart was just filled with little snow that's all, and it'll soon Hikari will melt that snow, because she's the sun, and counselled her to stay the same way as she is, and to believe in Amane no matter what, that way, she'll surly can warm up Amane's heart. Then when Amane appeared to excuse herself to leave, she questioned Hikari to test her trust in Amane, wondering if Amane leave because she misunderstood them while Hikari was in her lap, surly Hikari didn't thought that was true because she believes in her. At the Etoile election event, she praised Spica's participants as the amazing couple of the cool prince and the kind princess, and Miator's as a wonderful pair who are very relaxed and in sync.
  • One time, she told Remone that she's so cute for getting all flustered upon mentioning Remone's admiration that she might like Amane.
  • A prince wouldn't suit her, a princess would, that's what she thought about pointing that the people who suits her best are sweet little sisters(she meant Kizuna, Remonand Kagome).
  • Kagome's sleeping face is cute to her like a little princess at bedtime.


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