Clarus Tonitrus
Kurarusu Tonitorusu
Age 15
Gayness 8
Boldness 4
Commitment 8
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status Newly Dating

Clarus Tonitrus is a main character in the non-yuri anime series Matoi the Sacred Slayer. A member of Fatima, the Vatican's secret Anti-Creed service who destroy demon gods known as Nights.

Yuri Feats

With Matoi Sumeragi

  • After she purged the demon who was targeting Matoi, she shot her upper clothes causing her to be partially naked in order to confirm if her god who clothes her in power wasn't a Night.
  • To hear Matoi's praise when they were alone watching Yuma's dance with her gods about her cute smile she was embarrassed that she turned her face away from her.
  • One night, she slept next to Matoi in one bed (Matoi's bed).
  • On the way to school she beat up the boys who were standing in her way fascinated by her.
  • At the test of courage near the shrine she felt too hot when Matoi clinged to her arm in fear.
  • She held Matoi's hand and winked at her before their journey to the highest dimension.

With Flors Oriens

  • Her important partner for only half a year was Flors Oriens whom she cooperated with to destroy the demons known as the Nights, nervously did she introduced herself to her. Later, when Flors decided to resolve the difference of the Nights and Anti-Creed through peace, and lost her life for that peace, Clarus devoted everything she have to the rate of putting herself in danger to the destruction of Nights, showing no love nor pity to them, and she refused to have her new partner, she hasn't smiled since that incident occurred, all of the emotion she had has been poured into her hatred for Nights, she has been waiting for so long to fight Creed Killer who killed Flors, it had been three months simce Flors and her became partners.
  • She believed that her sin is opening her heart too much to Flors, not being able to protect her. But, in the last episode she was showing to hold her hand rightly besides her bed, then when Flors finally awakened she was relieved.


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