Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 3
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status Crushing

Echidna is a supporting character from the yuri series Queen's Blade. A freelance mercenary elf that hails from the forests of the south on the continent, presumably near the Calibara Forest. Despite being considered strong enough to win the Queen's Blade, she has no interest in doing so. Her hobby is travelling alone.

Yuri Feats: Edit

  • She enjoys sexually harassing and playing with girls through the series such as Leina, Elina and Aldra.
  • She holds a deep affection for her student Irma, pursuing her, showing understanding her whenever she is upset, even treating her injury.
  • Thinks Leina is pretty cute, tasty, and a hot number.
  • In the wrestling match, she played with Leina, doing a striptease with her in a lake of oil.
  • Licked Leina's cheek during the wrestling match.
  • Leina is the only girl able to get her so excited.
  • Likes Leina's curvaceous body and pretty face.
  • Leina's shiver feels good to her, likening her to a bird locked in a cage with its wings burned, though it can never fly again it still fights desperately.
  • Gave Leina an antidote through a kiss.
  • The reason she didn't return Leina to the Count upon the family's request: Because she likes her.


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