Age ?
Gayness 9
Boldness 10
Commitment 5
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status Dating

Elel is a main character in the yuri anime series Ange Vierge. An extremely friendly and energetic angel from the Red World. She is able to become friends with anyone.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • After a bath one evening, she praised Ramiel's wings, saying that they're beautiful.
  • Can use a water slider while sitting between Amane's legs.
  • After the attack of Ouroboros, she was most worried about Ramiel.
  • She questioned Almaria if she'd like to suck Amane's blood since they love each other.
  • Since she knew about the effect of having someone's blood sucked to lose weight, she asked Almaria to suck her blood.
  • Expressed her wish of tasting Saya.
  • She lets Amane wash her wings for her in exchange of washing Amane's back.
  • Thinks Ramiel is nice and cute.
  • Her face turned pink in the bath just when Amane thanked her, then said "baka/stupid" as she turns her head to the opposite direction of her.
  • She told Ramiel that she loves her even with only one wing.
  • As long as she's with Ramiel, she doesn't care about wings.
  • In the Red World, she hugged Ramiel for two times, in which the final formed a storm of red petals that circled around them, as Ramiel released a passionate cry she fell on Elel's lap naked.
  • Can hug Saya in a bath, and make her panic.
  • She was determinedly wanting to wash Saya's back that she stated to Almaria that they're more than more than friends.
  • She's possessive of Saya, like when she got angry of Stella for sitting on her lap, yelling that she's her friend, then embraced her.

Gallery Edit

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