Elina Vance
エリナ バンス
Erina Bansu
Age Unknown
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status Crushing

Elina Vance is a side character from the yuri series Queen's Blade . The youngest sister of Leina, and Captain of the Vance Royal Guard.

Yuri Feats

  • She fell in love with her older sister Leina since childhood, and she feels happy whenever she's with her.
  • She instantly grabs Leina out of nowhere many times through the series.
  • At Queen's Blade: Rurou Senshi, She gets so worried over Leina leaving Gainos Kingdom, and missed her so she sat on a journey to return her Leina to the royal castle.
  • At episode 1 of Queen's Blade: Utsukushiki Toushitachi, She had romantic daydreams about her beloved sister, Leina, before she has been saved by her.
  • She adores Leina's naked body, and wishes to rub her to the fullest.
  • Her love for Leina is romantic and sensual like in how she compares Leina's boobs as pudding, and looks like a kitten when she caresses them on bed.
  • Considers Leina is belonging to her alone and that she's the only one allowed to touch her.
  • Seeks Leina's love.
  • Doesn't like the men who were looking at Leina with their lustful eyes, doesn't like to watch the men flirting with Leina.
  • Resolved to make Risty regret tying up Leina, though it wasn't Risty intention in the first place.
  • After an exhausting ball party, she would offer Leina a message, and comb her hair.
  • Promised to make Leina's wedding day the biggest regret of the life of Leina's husband, she won't let him lay a single finger on her.
  • Her biggest wish: To always be by Leina's side.
  • Promised to be the one who protects Leina.
  • Wished to sleep together with Leina after a ball party.
  • Looking at Leina revived in Amara Kingdom through the Queen's Blade connection device, she was happy because she believes her love has reached to help heal Leina, and she wanted to hug her so much.
  • She had awaited the time she can find Leina since her missing.
  • Thinks the she's the only one allowed to look at Leina's body.
  • Participated in Queen's Blade tournament just to be with Leina.
  • Hugged Leina passionately after her victory that she made her fall on the ground.
  • At nights, she dreams about Leina.


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