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Elise Von Klagen
XBlaze Elise von Klagen Avatar Normal Pose 1(A).png
エルス フォン クラーゲン
Erisu Fon kurāgen
Age 16
Birthday ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status Crushing

Elise Von Klagen is a main character in the visual novel and PS VITA game series XBlaze. Kuon's long-time friend and a messenger for the Magic Guild. Hardworker, kind, proactive, refined, and smart. Seemingly a paragon of politeness, Elise has won the approval of even Mei, a woman who hates members of the Magic Guild. Her love for Japanese culture extends to her having a longing for travelling all around it. She is praised for her perfect grades, earnest behaviour, and hard work, being a sensible worker with impeccable manners. She is a huge otaku, obsessed with Japanese culture, particularly anime and manga and dragged Kuon to Akihabara on their second visit to Shin Yokozaki City, saying she wanted to live there. She also has no reservations about her hobbies, willing to emphatically declare her love of anime to everyone around her.

Yuri Feats

  • Elise is in love with Kuon and wants to be with her at all times. She is not shy about this at all and will proclaim that her relationship with Kuon is more intimate than it actually is.
  • She has a deep infatuation for Kuon, doing anything to be next to her side.
  • The only person who understands Kuon's feelings and what she is going through is none other than herself.
  • However, she does have childish quirks, being likely to do immature acts for Kuon's attention, even though she generally has it to begin with.
  • On the beach, She took the chance to touch Kuon's breast while she was putting some sunscreen on her back.
  • She dislikes being separated from Kuon.