Enshō Honsho / Reiha
Reiha Kakumei.png
袁紹 本初 / 麗羽
Enshō Honsho / Reiha
Age ?
Gayness 8
Boldness 9
Commitment 4
Lewdness 8
Relationship Status Dating

Enshō Honsho is a character in the series Koihime Musou. Head of the distinguished En family and the lord of Kei Province. A proud, spoiled, and selfish woman who isn't very bright but is very arrogant and holds a very high opinion of herself due to her position. Reiha tends to be quite a materialist person, always using money regardless of how much she has on hand, who likes to live in luxury and have a great number of servants to command. Despite all these negative attributes, Reiha is not evil. She has a soft and feminine side, but she prefers to hide it with her cocky behavior.

Yuri Feats

  • She has no problem punishing her subordinates sexually, and will happily join any sexual situation that her subordinates, stumbles upon.
  • The way she treats her subordinates is quite sadistic. In particular, she enjoys teasing them, even sexually, and she will punish them if they do something she doesn't like (which happens often, considering her capricious personality).
  • Ensho is quite close to her younger cousin Enjutsu, treating her like a little sister.
  • She teased Enjutsu on a table by touching her breasts.
  • Without Bunshū and Ganryō around, she feels lonely and scared without them by her side.
  • Though she seems to value her platonic friendship with Bunshū and Ganryō more than anything, she's happy to join them in any sexual situation they happen to stumble into.


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