Fū Sagami/Fūma
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相模 楓 / 風魔
Sagami Fū/Fūma
Age 15
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 10
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status In a relationship

Fū Sagami is a main character in the yuri series Release the Spyce. A first-year student Sorasaki High School and Mei's apprentice, who works at a maid café. She is the smallest member of Tsukikage. Her hobby is saving money. Her birthday is on November 22nd.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She acts jealous towards those who get close to Mei Yachiyo.
  • She has been living with Mei in her house, in charge of cleaning and preparing tea for the guests.
  • Whenever she squabbles with Mei, they're described to be like a married couple by other girls.
    • Once, in the house, she blushed upon hearing that remark.
  • Just after she noticed that Mei was embracing Momo at the entrance of Wasabi restaurant, her mood dramatically swung and retracted from being cheerful, she firstly looked down with a frown.
    • Later on, she was showing to be hiding somewhere, glaring at Momo with an angry Yandere eyes.
  • As she was pointing at Momo with a memory-eraser gun, her eyes were keeping their hostility towards her.
  • After Momo accidentally tasted Fū's cheek in the car using her tongue's ability, she deduced that Fū tastes like was two-thirds anger and the rest jealousy.
  • Her cheeks were gleaming with pink after hearing Momo's words of appreciation.
  • After breaking a plate at her part-time job, she denied the fact that she was bothered with the fight she was having with Mei in a typical Tsundere way.
  • Once her little sister remarked about how she likes her roommate Mei whose identity was kept as a secret from her as a spy, she denied that fact in a typical Tsundere manner.
  • The picks of Mei's guitar are the gifts she presented for her in a folder with a red coloured ribbon wrapped around it, she also seemed to blush when she gave it to her, even for the second time as an apology.
  • Her reason for trying so hard at the missions is because she craves Mei's approval, and she just wants to be useful to her.
  • After Mei drank a second bottle of fruit milk at the Oto-Hime bathhouse, she walked to the home she shares with Mei hand in hand.
  • At the home she shares with Mei, she slept next to her in one futon, holding her hand to sleep.
  • While thinking of making a bento, she wondered if it would please Mei.
  • August 15, in a rainy day, and after shopping, she was fed by Mei a spoon of her vanilla ice cream while blushing.
  • Since Mei was planning to travel to Ireland to see an aurora, she resolved to accompany her.
  • Confronting Mei at Moryo's building, she told her that she still loves her so much.
  • Upon Mei's arrival to her house, she was blushing, and frequently missed her gaze.
  • A furious cry was heard from her house since she heard Mei's answer of whether she takes a liking to Tendo.

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