Goe Ishikawa/Goemon
Ishikawa Goe/Goemon
Age 16
Gayness 8
Boldness 7
Commitment 9
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status In a relationship

Goe Ishikawa is a main character in the yuri series Release the Spyce. A caring and placid member of Tsukikage who would go to great lengths to save her comrades.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • At Wasabi restaurant, she was embarrassed and nervous after Mei licked her cheek playfully to determine her tongue's ability to predict her physicality.
  • To inform Momo that she's Hatsume's apprentice, she timidly formed a heart sign with joining their hands.
  • At the cafe was having a part-time job in as a waitress, she held Momo's hand gently to comfort her, and to convince her that she's not the only one who made a mistake in the beginning of her duty as a member of Tsukikage. Later on at the brothal infiltration mission, she was the person who gave Momo some back up with her gun.
  • At the swimsuits store, she fancied herself wearing a swimsuit and earning Hatsume's flattery while holding each other's hands.
  • To head to the beach with Hatsume during summer break is what filled her with excitement, until she recalled the event in which Hatsume clings to Theresia at one of the corridors, at that moment she was only feeling down.
  • Her Yandere feature manifested after she took her Spyce pill and wiped the criminals from a building and began to attack her comrades Yuki and Momo madly, it was due to her possession of Hatsume since she got closer to Theresia as to walk hand in hand after school, but once she look at Hatsume who reached the building, Hatsume approached her, but Goe grabbed her hardly and struggled her on the floor until her eyes filled up with tears which fell on Hatsume's cheeks, at that moment, she came to her senses and stopped her attack, continuing to cry in her lap.
  • Shyly, she asked Hatsume to accept her selfishness because she wanted her to look at her more, and spend more time with her, like going to fun places, holding hands while they walk, next on she hugged her.
  • She have tweaked the flavor of her cooking to suit Hatsume, so she wouldn't serve that meal to anyone but her.
  • Once Momo cried over the loss of her mentor, she was the only person who hugged her sympathetically.


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