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Age (About 22)
Gayness 9
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status In a relationship

Gundari is a character in the yuri video game Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuhni. Gundari has full authority on Bhikkhuni, as she was entrusted with the management and operations of the island. She serves a variety of roles, such as a strict but good mother figure, a good boss, sister, and teacher ideally to those who live on the island.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Her story: She and Echigoya were Valkyrie partners and the only survivors in Bhikkuhni, while the other Valkyries were supposedly killed, the two survivors abandoned their previous names and histories and hid themselves within the island's system for five years, one as the island's merchant Echigoya, the other as the island's administrator as well as the Director of the school for Valkyrie training. Echigoya managed to escape when AAA was targeting her because the one who was first to stand up and rebel against was her partner Gundari, at that time, Echigoya was awestruck since Gundari led a group of Valkyries in bold opposition against AAA.
  • The reason she was determined to seal all the Valkyries inside the pillars gods, and to prevent surrendering them to AAA: It was out of regret since she believes she couldn't protect Echigoya, and failed her as a partner, she was burdened with regret, and thus she started to protect all of the Valkyries like Echigoya.

Gallery Edit

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