Hardcore Alice / Ako Hatoda
Gomaotsu Alice 3
ハードゴア・アリス / 鳩田亜子
Hādogoa Arisu / Hatoda Ako
Age 12
Gayness 9
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Crushing

Hardcore Alice is a main character in the series Magical Girl Raising Project. The 16th Magical Girl of N-City who continuously searches for the White Magical Girl. Hardgore Alice is very rather monotonous to the point if seeming completely emotionless. In reality, however, she is just very shy. She likes her Her stuffed rabbit. Her favorite food is shredded fresh cabbages. She hates causing others trouble.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Before meeting Snow White, Alice had a very low opinion of herself due to past events, to the point of considering herself a nuisance and burden. This eventually drove her to attempt to commit suicide. However, after meeting Snow White, Alice wanted to become a Magical Girl in order to feel needed by others and to repay Snow White for her kindness. This ultimately caused her to change her opinion of herself and decide to continue living for Snow White's sake.
  • Hardgore Alice's personal rabbit decorated with glasses and ribbons. She brought it around since it resembles Snow White.
  • After meeting Snow White in her human form, she wants to repay Snow White for her kindness. She proceeds to become a Magical Girl and sets out to find the "the white Magical Girl."
  • Should someone threaten herself or Snow White, Alice has shown to have no hesitation to fight them with the full intention of killing them, because she hates Snow White's enemies.
  • She died in Snow White's arms after the ambush of Swim Swim.

Gallery Edit

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