Yuri Hime Collection* V2 1 3-1
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status In a relationship

Haru is a main character in "Yuri Hime Collection". A reserved and dishonest girl who have found a silver capsule buried in her garden of which she'd never seen before, when she forced it open, she was assaulted by smoke, after that she met Hana, she was lonely all on her own until Hana started to live with her as her cousin.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • If Hana flirts with the girls in her school it makes her jealous and mad at her for that cause, if she observes that she's getting close with them she gets awfully fixated on them, and when Hana twigs about her jealousy, she denies it saying that she is just worried that Hana will get caught up in the rumors too.
  • Being touched by Hana is making her nervous enough to ran away from her, her hands are still trembling because it still scares her when Hana touches her, she only acts scared when Hana touches her.
  • She's scared to be around Hana, yet even after what happened (Hana's absorption of her life force through lovemaking) she stll admires Hana.
  • The one who said Hana could move in with her is herself, since she was family, worthy of consider her as her only family.
  • Even with her embarrassment, she offered her body energy to Hana once, stripping herself infront of her, saying that Hana should have just stuck with her.
  • She keeps Hana with her so she could keep an eye on her all the time.
  • She doesn't care if Hana get mad at her, or fall for other people, she just doesn't want Hana to leave her all alone.
  • About Hana's meals, to keep her from attacking the girls, if Hana can't hold out any longer, she suggested her to absorb some of her life force.


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