Haruka Nishida
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西田 はるか
Nishida Haruka
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 2
Lewdness 9
Relationship Status Crushing

Haruka Nishida is a main character in the yuri series Kanamemo

A mature blue-haired girl who wears glasses who works at Fuhshin Gazette. She is an avid drinker of sake, and as such is often drunk. She attends college, studying bio-fermentation, and creates numerous different beverages from biologic substances (the resulting concoction almost always being alcoholic).

Yuri Feats

  • She is a self-proclaimed lolicon with a fetish for young girls under 15
  • Often makes various advances on Kana, who fears her greatly in this regard.
  • fondled Saki's breasts to do something fun with her.
  • While looking at the recruitment board, she hoped to get a good girl, from a clumsy ten year old girl with glasses and braids, a prissy fourteen year old tsundere queen, an energetic and rowdy twelve year old girl, to a delicate and gentle eleven year old girl, she was lost in her own fantasies, feeling extremely undecided and excited at the same time.
  • Held Saki while folding her dress up to tease her, then after she was hit by her she proclaimed that her energy levels have been restored.
  • Tried to fondle Kana's pain away through a breasts massage.
  • Favors Kana's cooking because it goes well with the Sake she drinks.
  • Kana was described as her food.
  • After Kana's employment she took a good feel of her lower body.
  • When she's drunk, she often chatter about girls, like a beautiful blond girl, and the beautiful girl next door.
  • She has a yuri eyecatch with Kana.
  • Has an eyecatch in which she's showing to chase Kana and Mika on the beach.
  • Likens her daily delivery work for carrying home a young girl everyday.
  • Just after Yuuki suggested a three-wheeler for Kana, the novice newspaper delivery girl, she pictured Kana in a toddler's clothing riding a one and falling off in the process, hurting her special spot was the punishment game she enjoyed the most that she demanded to hurt her more in her daydream.
  • Jumped on Kana after having a daydream about her in a toddler's clothing begging her to not let go of her during her bicycle riding training, after the fall, she was sticking to her like a glue promising to never let go of her.
  • Kana's clumsiness is what really pushes her buttons.
  • Can jump on Saki too.
  • When Kana was only criticizing herself, she tried to jump on her.
  • The reason she asked Kana to prepare a toast bread the next morning: because she was excited to see Kana going to school with a piece of toast in her mouth.
  • When Kana was about to start crying since everyone in the Fushin Shinbun dislikes her creepy smile, she used that opportunity to jump on her but failed.
  • To her, Kana with her new smile is too cute.
  • Dreams of Kana's slipping bra.
  • Drools when imagining all kinds of little girls.
  • Imagined a wet and dripping Hinata in a rainy night.
  • Used the dolls made as Teru Teru Bozu to kiss Kana.
  • Peeks at Kana's lower part of her Teru Teru Bozu doll in order to tease her.
  • She was agitated when Hinata went to hold hands with Kana after her defeat of a card game they were playing, she was angry at Hinata that she asked her to pay for her, after Hinata handed her Kana instead, she indulges herself in licking the reward girl.
  • Kana's sad look over the separation of Yuko and Yuuki makes her excited to hug her.
  • Teased Saki after she left her meal unfinished by questioning her if she was betraying her for not carrying their child.
  • Squeezed Kana's breasts gently and playfully.
  • Cuddled Kana while wishing to see the cake baked for her by Kana.
  • The reason she always teases Kana, especially after the blackout: Because she thinks Kana is so cute when she's scared.
  • In the public bath, she surprised Mika by groping her, she was determined to make the loli's breasts nicer and bigger.
  • Dreamed about her bathing harem consisting of all of the workers of Fuhshin Gazette.
  • Fantasized about typhoon girls, a cuddly one like Kana, and an acid-tongued typhoon like Saki, she also deems it'll be so cute to witness such a weather, when she gets to see under the blown up skirt of a certain typhoon girl.
  • Demanded to massage Kana before Saki came to drag her to the bathing tub, after the bath she drank a large bottle of wine to calm herself.
  • Her heart was beating fast when she surprisingly jumped on Mika since she wanted to earn her interest.
  • Zombie-walked to Kana and Mika after looking at their wet, see-through clothes from the rain.
  • Decided to help Kana take off her torn jeans caused by her overweight thrillingly.
  • Noticed Saki's height increase because she looks at her everyday.
  • In her bedroom, she have a poster of a girl in a bikini.
  • Wished to go to Kitanomaru Park to see a butter-drenched Kana.
  • The reason she had a traffic accident: Because there were all these girls walking ahead of her so early in the morning, they were as she noted of "the rare excursion variety".
  • Wiped Kana's skirt from the miso soup excitedly.
  • She's interested in the cover of the second volume of Kanamemo manga series, which illustrates Kana in her bath.
  • Despite being on a mission to find her fellow worker Marimo in a snowy night, she called Saki desperately demanding her love.
  • While dressing for the traditional Obon festival, she tried to seduce Kana.
  • Her treat on the morning was her imagination of the little girls stuck inside the morning traffic lines.
  • Welcomed Kana to do whatever she likes to her the rainy night she jumped on her.
  • While rubbing against Kana, she touched her lower part.
  • After the blackout, she was about to start a romantic show with Kana since she found her in her lap until she was hit by a certain girl. She also enjoys blackouts for this reason.
  • Thinks Saki was dreamy when she expressed her affection to Marimo.
  • She was relived since she thought Kana had accepted her, then hold hands with her.
  • Rubbed Kana's body after imitating her grand mother.
  • After Kana was blown away by the heavy rainstorm, she rushed to save a "soaked little princess".
  • Enjoys typhoons since she gets to see Kana's pants every time the wind blows.
  • She was jealous of the cat who brushed up against Kana in the dark.
  • Wished to use magic on Saki to make her kind and gentle so they can share the intimacy.
  • Used the opportunity of calculating Kana's body measurements to feel her.
  • Used the opportunity of the falling Kana from a tree to touch & feel her.
  • Loves canned beaches because it remind her of girls, fresh & juicy in their canned juice.


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