Haruka Nishida
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西田 はるか
Nishida Haruka
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 1
Lewdness 9
Relationship Status Crushing

Haruka Nishida is a main character in the yuri series Kanamemo

A mature blue-haired girl who wears glasses. She is an avid drinker of sake, and as such is often drunk. She attends college, studying bio-fermentation, and creates numerous different beverages from biologic substances (the resulting concoction almost always being alcoholic).

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She is a self-proclaimed lolicon with a fetish for young girls under 15
  • Often makes various advances on Kana, who fears her greatly in this regard.
  • fondled Saki's breasts to do something fun with her.
  • While looking at the recruitment board, she hoped to get a good girl, from a clumsy ten year old girl with glasses and braids, a prissy fourteen year old tsundere queen, an energetic and rowdy twelve year old girl, to a delicate and gentle eleven year old girl, she was lost in her own fantasies, feeling extremely undecided and excited at the same time.
  • Held Saki while folding her dress up to tease her, then after she was hit by her she proclaimed that her energy levels have been restored.
  • Tried to fondle Kana's pain away through a breasts massage.
  • Favors Kana's cooking because it goes well with the Sake she drinks.
  • Kana was described as her food.
  • After Kana's employment she took a good feel of her lower body.
  • When she's drunk, she often chatter about girls, like a beautiful blond girl, and the beautiful girl next door.
  • She has a yuri eyecatch with Kana.
  • Has an eyecatch in which she's showing to chase Kana and Mika on the beach.
  • Likens her daily dilevery work for carrying home a young girl everyday.
  • Just after Yuuki suggested a three-wheeler for Kana, the novice newspaper delivery girl, she pictured Kana in a toddler's clothing riding a one and falling off in the process, hurting her special spot was the punishment game she enjoyed the most that she demanded to hurt her more in her daydream.
  • Jumped on Kana after having a daydream about her in a toddler's clothing begging her to not let go of her during her bicycle riding training, after the fall, she was sticking to her like a glue promising to never let go of her.
  • Kana's clumsiness is what really pushes her buttons.
  • Can jump on Saki too.
  • When Kana was only criticizing herself, she tried to jump on her.
  • Suggested to name the calico cat "Kana".
  • The reason she asked Kana to prepare a toast bread the next morning: because she was excited to see Kana going to school with a piece of toast in her mouth.
  • When Kana was about to start crying since everyone in the Fushin Shinbun dislikes her creepy smile, she used that opportunity to jump on her but failed.
  • To her, Kana with her new smile is too cute.
  • Dreams of Kana's slipping bra.
  • Drools when imagining all kinds of little girls.


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