Haruko Ichinose
Haruko Ichinose
一之瀬 春子
Ichinose Haruko
Age 17 (Born April 1st)
Gayness 9
Boldness 8
Commitment 8
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status In a relationship

Haruko Ichinose is one of the two main protagonists from the yuri manga Swap⇔Swap. She has the ability to swap bodies with Natsuko via a kiss.

Yuri FeatsEdit

General Edit

  • Regularly kisses Natsuko to swap bodies with her.
    • Not at all bothered by kissing Natsuko, while Natsuko gets flustered and embarrassed.
      • Even when they first start swapping, she isn't that bothered about it.
    • Often Haruko makes comments to make Natsuko more flustered
  • Loves big breasts
    • She can judge cup sizes just by looking
    • She often admires other girls breasts
    • Seemingly whenever she gets the opportunity, she'll touch her friends' breasts.
      • She especially loves to grope Natsuko's boobs, both in her body and in Natsuko's
  • Loves gravure idol magazines.
    • Shamelessly reads them in public, even when swapped, which leads to misunderstandings.
  • Haruko doesn't ever make attempts to deny the possibility of her being in a romantic relationship with Natsuko.
    • Often, she encourages it and plays along with any misunderstanding, much to Natsuko's embarrassment.
    • She's quick to take advantage of situations that result in boobs being pressed against her

Volume 1 Edit

  • When she first swaps with Natsuko, she admires her large breasts
  • When Natsuko (In Haruko's body) gets upset at a comment one of her friends made (Directed towards Haruko in Natsuko's body), Haruko covers for her by saying "We have started dating" and hugs her
  • She thinks she might have fallen in love with Natsuko after finding out that Natsuko makes her own boxed lunches
    • She notes Natsuko's cooking and big breasts as reasons for this
  • When Haruko and Natsuko are caught kissing in the bathroom (To swap), Haruko plays along with the misunderstanding.
    • She goes as far to kiss Natusko and claim she's the dominant one, unintentionally swapping with Natsuko and making it seem like Natsuko claimed to be the dominant one after being kissed by Haruko.
  • When Yume hugged Haruko, pressing her breasts against her, and said that that she wanted to get along with Haruko, she immediately said that she was looking forward to it.
  • Haruko gets embarrassed at having something matching with Natsuko

Volume 2 Edit

  • Haruko's idea of a 'math-like mistaken answer' is 'Op-π', a pun on 'oppai', the Japanese word for boobs.
  • Haruko wonders out loud what would happen if she and Natsuko french kissed, much to Natsuko's embarrassment.
  • Haruko's fear is completely erased when the ghost girl's breasts press against her in the haunted house.
  • Haruko sniffs Natsuko's room and comments that it smells like Natsuko.
  • Haruko gets too distracted by Yume and Satsuki's breasts to focus on the movie.

Gallery Edit

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