Hatsume Aoba/Tsubone
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Aoba Hatsume/Tsubone
Age 17
Gayness 9
Boldness 10
Commitment 6
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Hatsume Aoba is a main character in the yuri series Release the Spyce. Hatsume is the mentor of Goe Ishikawa and used to be friends with Theresia Ray when she was younger.

One day, Theresia and Hatsume were captured by kidnappers and sold. Hatsume's parents had enough money to rescue her, however her friend Theresia was never rescued so they lost sight of each other. When they met again, Hatsume was happy to see her old friend again while Theresia felt betrayed because she was never rescued and was put into a camp. She's a very friendly person and wants to make friends with anyone she meets, even with people she fights. Her birthday is April 2.

Yuri Feats Edit

With Goe Ishikawa Edit

  • In order to inform Momo that she's Goe's mentor, she and Goe formed a heart sign by joining their hands together.
  • To her, Goe is simply irreplaceable, and more precious than anyone or anything else to her. She accepts every little bit of her, and admires her strength, kindness, and cuteness.
  • She hugged and caressed Goe's head to release her jealousy over the relationship between Hatsume and Theresia.
  • When Goe hugged her, she caressed her head and told her she's so cute.
  • She likes the taste of Goe's cooking, especially the meat and potato stew, it's all the more delicious to her because she was eating it while sitting face-to-face with her.

With Theresia Ray Edit

  • While Theresia was suspected as a member of Moryu, she believed her, and promised to return her to the right path.
  • She believes that she's the person she is today because of Theresia.
  • As she cuddled Byakko who was enjoying her homemade reward desserts, she wished to be more friendly with Theresia in that same kind of way.
  • After school, she clings on Theresia as they walked to a pancake place.

General Edit

  • While Momo was absorbed in watching Yuki performing a jodo training alone, she surprisingly hugged her from behind.
  • Surprisingly, she embraced Momo on the way to school, causing her and the other girls around her to be shy.
  • While Mei failed once in understanding 's feeling, she presaged telling Mei on their way home about Fū's reason: to earn Mei's approval.


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