Hercule Barton / Elly
Erukyūru baton/ Erī
Age ?
Gayness 9
Boldness 4
Commitment 1
Lewdness 9
Relationship Status Single

Hercule Barton/Elly is one of the main characters in the series Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. A very shy girl who is easily embarrassed. She often tries to be the voice of reason, but her timid nature means she's often ignored and yelled at afterwards. She occasionally works as a model. Her Toys gives her superhuman strength.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • At episode 5 of the first season, While trying to rescue Kamaboko from traffic, Elly is saved by two girls named Mary and Kate, with glittery eyes she thanked them and after they leave she said an encomium that they are fancy and wonderful older sisters, from that moment she called each of them by "Onee-sama".
  • she likes being called "kitten" by Kate.
  • In the night of the same day she met them, She wished to see Kate and Mary again.
  • Hearts were formed in her eyes together with Sherlock Shellingford/Sheryl for being with Kate and Mary where they spend some time with them in their room at night, and hearts were appearing out of the other girls in her team which they happened to be in their room in their pajamas including Cordelia Glauca.
  • For viewing Cordelia being licked by Nero Yuzurizaki after her lose in a game before sleep, she blushed intensely while gazing at them.
  • After Cordelia was cosplaying as Henriette Mystère/Arsene with Kamaboko the bet inside her clothes making her breasts larger, she was starting amazed by them moving around.
  • The Milky Holmes detective team girl sleep together in one bed including Hercule.


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