Age 27
Gayness 9
Boldness 9
Commitment 7
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status Crushing

Hildr is a supporting character in the video game Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. A woman in charge of the fort's defense. Normarlly, she acts as the tavern's master, watching to make sure no one is slacking. Her cooking skills can rival professional chefs, and many mercenaries have been won over by her dishes. Birthday: Midgard Year 289 7/11.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She can send hearts to the female protagonists.
  • Views Mina as a little sister, and can't seem to leave her alone.
    • Because of this, there are many things that only she knows about Mina.
  • Enjoys teasing Eirik about his pursuit for his loved general's attention, Eadgils.


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