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Hinaki Shinjō
Shinjō Hinaki
Age 13-14
Gayness 9
Boldness 9
Commitment 7
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status Possibly Crushing

Hinaki Shinjō is one of the main characters in the series Aikatsu!. She is an energetic pop-type idol and her primary brand is Vivid Kiss. She's been in the entertainment business since childhood and thus has more knowledge and experience compared to most idols her age. Hinaki is the daughter of parents who work for a fashion magazine. Her favorite foods are Acai Fruit Crepes, grapefruits, and Vitamin C beverages. Birthday: June 11.

Yuri Feats

With Akari Ōzora

  • After bumbing up with Akari's Aikatsu Dash, she let her know about her interest in her.
  • Boldly confessed her attraction to Akari on the lunch table.
  • She's jealous of Sumire for sharing a dorm with Akari.
  • Told Akari that she's the cutest just when she was shying.
  • Likes to pat Akari's head affectionately.
  • Viewed Akari as dazzling in the Halloween audition.
  • The source of her energy is none other than Akari, she also told her that she lit a fire inside her while holding both of her hands.
  • Can't stop realizing how much she likes Akari's attitude.
  • Acknowledges Akari's love for Ichigo, then gives her a wink.
  • Loves Akari's raging power, it gives her the strength to effervesce, it gives her the courage to move forward.
  • Helped Akari train even though she was preparing for her own upcoming event, this shows how much she cares about Akari.
  • Enjoyed taking photos of a Akari's Appeal training, she also points out her flashing panties was flashing in one of those photos, then after excusing herself to leave to her own event, she kept looking through the window of the car, thinking how blinding Akari can be.
  • One day, while Akari was having a Pon Pon Crepe before the audition, she joined her there, suggesting to hone their yumminess skills together, then gave her a wink.
  • Couldn't keep her eyes off Akari during her first weather report.
  • Fed Akari her own strawberry.
  • She was clinging to Akari's side while watching the Vampires Drama audition.
  • At Tuna Palace recording, she said that Akari is the most interesting she have ever met.
  • At the end of vacation, she leaned on Akari's side to take a nap inside an evening train.
  • Used her bold pick-up line on Akari to cheer her dream on a lunch table.


  • Admired Sumire Hikami's cuteness during the Halloween event.
  • Admired Miyabi Fujiwara's cuteness for several times.
  • Shipped Juri Kurebayashi and Shizuka lovingly of how they're like polar opposites.
  • Blushed a bit when Juri hugged her gladly.
  • Likes to take pictures of Miyabi using her Aikatsu phone, but firstly she favors making her shy slightly by complimenting her "cute" Yamato Nadeshiko air, and her "adorable" blushing face.
  • Boldly admired Miyabi's slender legs while staring at them.
  • Performed a romantic unit appeal with Juri for the Valentine's festival after pointing at her in one of the moments just when Juri began to sing the lyrics: "What i want to say most is a simple three-word phrase".
  • In one of the endings, she was giving Juri a lap pillow.
  • While giving Akari a wink, she urged her to see Miyabi in order to hit some inspiration.
  • Had flirted with Miyabi and admired her cuteness enthusiastically before her last audition.
  • At the Vampire Drama audition, she took the role of the idol who begged Yurika Toudou to take her and suck her blood.
  • Realizing her Kouhai fan girls had made her blush.
  • Earned a large attention from her Kouhai fan girls to the point of watching her idol training from behind the door.
  • Remarked about Sumire and Rin Kurosawa's pledge on the stage after their victory, and deemed it as "a quite bold proposal".
  • Admired Madoka Amahane's cuteness at the juniors entrance ceremony.
  • Picturing Sumire and Rin together made her heart race.