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Hinako Sakuragi
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桜木 ひな子
Sakuragi Hinako
Age 15
Gayness 8
Boldness 7
Commitment 7
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Possibly crushing

Hinako Sakuragi is the protagonist of the series Hinako Note. A shy girl who is bad with words, heads to Tokyo full of enthusiasm to enter a theatrical club in high school and learn how to talk to people more easily. Birthday: April 30.

Yuri Feats

with Mayuki Hīragi

  • She thinks Mayuki is so cute that she can't pursue it any further.
  • Patted Mayuki's head affectionately for several times.
  • Thinks Mayuki is so cute when she smiles.
  • Enjoys Mayuki's cooking.
  • Clings to Mayuki whenever she's scared.
  • Indulge herself in Mayuki's lap when she cries.
  • Would give Mayuki all the attention and affection she needs to fill the hole in her heart.
  • Hugged Mayuki passionately on the beach after finding her lost.
  • During teatime, she wished to see Mayuki in a dress.
  • Once she saw Mayuki in a Princess dress, she admired her cuteness and made her shy.
  • At the north gate of the train station, she hugged Mayuki once they found each other.
  • Mayuki was the first girl to feed her in her cold.
  • Carried Mayuki once she caught her cold.
  • Slept while holding the doll princess given to her by Mayuki, the next day the doll princess was found wet by her drooling.
  • Inside the train heading to Suzuran, she admired Mayuki's cuteness for trying to reach the holder.

with Chiaki Hagino

  • Gets shy when Chiaki was only helping her to change.
  • She timidly admired Chiaki's tall and "nice" figure, and thinks she's beautiful
  • Thinks Chiaki's animal imitation was a bit erotic.
  • Complimented Chiaki's beauty while she was trying on a swimsuit.
  • One evening, she hugged Chiaki after the latter caressed her head.
  • Gave Chiaki Valentine's chocolate which she bought from a school store.
  • Admired Chikai in her nurse outfit with her cheeks blushing.
  • An illustration featured herself as a Princess who's waiting for Chiaki in her Prince outfit.
  • She was blushing shyly while looking at Chiaki in her Christmas Spirit outfit.
  • She was dazed by Chiaki while they were left alone, and was trembling in shyness, deep in her heart she wanted to keep their conversation going, wanting to know certain things about her body, like how shy moves so gracefully, or how she prepares physically for each of her acting roles.
  • Cried nervously once she pictured a situation in which she enters Chiaki's room one morning to find her in the middle of changing.


  • When Kuina hugged her to keep her warm, she was feeling shy and hot.
  • Looking through the glass window of the library, she admired Kuina's beauty.
  • Thinks Kuina is cute.
  • Gave a piece of candy to Ruriko while telling her how she's so cute.
  • She was fed by Kuina.
  • Held hands with Kuina during their stage dress up.
  • Carried Kuina on her back once she caught her cold.
  • Grabbed Kuina from behind to prevent her from trying Mayuki's Valentine Chocolate mix.
  • An end illustration featured herself dressing in a cat outfit while Kuina in her bunny outfit preparing to lick her foot.
  • Flirted with Yua after the play, saying that she looks cuter when she's honest with a wink.
  • In the school training camp, she held Yua when she fainted over hearing about Kuina's creepy remark.
  • Admired Yua's cuteness in a lolita dress, and made her shy.
  • One night, while walking in the school hallways with Yua, she held her hand since Yua was scared.
  • She was fed by Yua.
  • Cheered Yua to express her feelings for Chiaki at Valentine's Day.
  • Fainted out of shyness while she was preparing to take an order from a female customer.