Hinata Azuma
25914 803886-1
東 ひなた
Azuma Hinata
Age 18+
Gayness 9
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Crushing

Hinata Azuma is a main character from the yuri series Kanamemo. A carefree Bokuko girl who likes to gamble or invest through various means, such as Horseracing and the stock market, as she is a Kanedere. She has attempted to join a college numerous times, but has failed entrance exams twice, with a third failure being predicted frequently by the others.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Her face expression was weird when Haruka went on top of Kana.
  • Hinata had a hedious conversation with Haruka concerning Kana before dinner, it was also evident how much she was angry with her.
  • Kept staring at Kana having a first meal in the Fushin Shinbun.
  • Wished to eat Kana's cooking everyday.
  • Happily hugged Kana after her employment.
  • Prevents Haruka from touching Kana for many times throughout the show:
    • It was for two times after she was accepted by the chief as a new employer.
    • While having some drink with Kana inside her room, she used a newspaper to hush Haruka.
    • Tried to separate Haruka from Kana during the bicycle ride training.
    • Hit Haruka's head to prevent her from bouncing on the little girl who just reached home.
  • Held Haruka from jumping on Kana during the meal they had a talk about Kana's smile.
  • Hinata is a money lover character, but strangely enough her character shown a complete dramatic change since she knew Kana, one night she suggested to give her money, a loan, which means she came to treasure her more than the money she have always wished to have.
  • She is nice to Kana, occasionally helping her with anything she needs and wants.
  • After she heard Kana saying that she have never really been anywhere during summer break, she cried sympathetically for her sake, and decided with her friends to go to a swimming pool together.
  • She was the only one who smiled and blushed after viewing Saki's smile of gratitude for receiving swimsuits to go to the swimming pool.
  • She enjoys Saki's cooking the most of the other girls, and frequently thanks her for making her breakfast.


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