Hino Mahime
Shoujo Bigaku 5 6-1-1
Mahime Hino
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 9
Relationship Status In a relationship

Hino Mahime is a main character in the yuri manga Shoujo Bigaku. A high-school student and an idol , she's an actress and a fashion model, she even has a fan club and secret bodyguards. she is always off on her own, because she has that strong aura that she's hard to approach, she always goes about her life at school calmly, and doesn't brag about the fact that she's an actress, nor does she seem to be moved by all the people gushing about her.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Her popularity in the school is wide, her fan club usually are strike with jealousy for hearing about her relationship with Mari Hanamaki.
  • The only person who gets her attention in the crowd is Mari.
  • Even since she were in a different class than Mari, she keeps entering her class in order to meet her.
  • Boldly, she confessed her love to Mari and asked her to take her to bed, then eventually giving her a kiss.
  • "It's only natural to want to touch the girl you love" is what she taught Mari to do.
  • For Mari calling her by first name, she regards it as means that she's interested in her, for that reason she feels happy, that her feelings could be returned by Mari.
  • Even though she have never talked to Mari before, her body responded to Mari, she got all hot and bothered, and her heart races when she thinks or looks at her.
  • When Mari is oblivious of her surroundings, she surprises her by hugging her from behind because she's all over her.
  • Her plan worked even better than she thought, all she had to do was to go up to the roof, and Mari followed her to gave her her response of her love, it was lucky for her to that Mari jumped to conclusion that Hino looked like she was going to jump off the school roof.
  • Her heart fills with happiness that she'll be able to be a couple with Mari in public, too.


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