Hiyori Tamura
Hiyori Album
田村 ひより
Tamura Hiyori
Age 15-16
Gayness 10
Boldness 4
Commitment 1
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Crushing

Hiyori Tamura a schoolmate that appears along with the main cast of Lucky Star. She tends to be a kindhearted person, but can have unfortunate luck. She has a friendly personality, but is prone to becoming bashful and clumsy, leading to simple mistakes during a decisive moment. She is a member of the Animation Club, and is Kō's junior. Her birthday is May 20.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Hiyori is an amateur dōjin artist. Hiyori is always searching for a good plot to use in her dōjinshi, and tends to imagine Yutaka and Minami in romantic moments, only to grow embarrassed over the idea and break into an emotional outburst, which leaves Yutaka and Minami clueless.
  • Yutaka is very appreciative of her friend Minami, and she is very grateful to have a friend like her, to the point that Hiyori Tamura pictured both of them as a yuri-pair and created a doujinshi with characters that resemble both of them.
  • As she noticed the integral difference between Yutaka and Minami, she had a thought of hitting Yutaka to form a Yuri contact between them.
  • As she was about to say "Uke..." in a basketball game at the gym class, she stopped and nervously tried to pick another synonymous, note that Uke referees to the Yin-powered partner and the receiver in a homosexual relationship.
  • Since Minami grabbed Yutaka who had some dust got in her eyes, gently asking her to tell her if it gets to be too much to bear, instantly she grabbed her notebook and pen to copy and draw a picture of them, in the process the picture was shown to be of Minami embracing Yutaka from behind.
  • She had a daydream about Minami allowing Yutaka to touch her breasts.
  • She had a daydream about Minami tying Yutaka's ribbon properly.
  • While viewing Minami helping Yutaka, she pictured a love confession scene between Yutaka and Minami.
  • "Zuka cafe" was her idea for the cultural festival (It's a cafe where anyone can enjoy shows in the spirit of Zuka, with girls in shiny dresses, and beautiful girls in male clothing serving as waitresses), and she gave the lead role for both of Yutaka and Minami.
  • She admired Miyuki and Minami in their dance training clothes, and discussed with Konata whether Miyuki is the sadist and Minami is the masochist.

Gallery Edit

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