Age ?
Gayness 5-10 (Depends on dimension)
Boldness 5-9 (Depends on dimension)
Commitment 6
Lewdness 5-8 (Depends on dimension)
Relationship Status In a relationship (Superdimension only)

IF, also known by her nickname, Iffy, is a human character in the Neptunia series. As the Neptunia series has many dimensions (Hyperdimension, Ultradimension, etc...) there are many IFs in the series with varying, but similar personalities. Most IFs are a childhood friend of Compa as well as a friend of Neptune and Nepgear.

Yuri featsEdit

Superdimension Edit

  • In the Original Hyperdimension Neptunia as well as its remake Re;Birth 1, she has many romantic scenes with Vert.
  • IF shows little objection to Vert's flirting with her.
  • There is a scene where Vert takes advantage of a cramped space to smother IF with her breasts, much to IF's delight
    • Throughout the rest of the time being smothered by Vert, IF has a dopey expression on her face with hearts around her.
      • Even when Vert is talking to other characters.
      • She doesn't even react at the mention that they could all die.
  • When Vert expresses the desire to get married to IF, IF is delighted at the idea and faints from happiness.
  • In the original Hyperdimension Neptunia, IF gets jealous when Red tells her that she got married to Vert. IF brings up that Red has titled IF as "Wifey Number 1"
    • IF is very relieved when Red clarifies that this was in a video game.

Hyperdimesion Edit

  • IF acts very possessive towards Compa, despite repeatedly insisting they're just friends. Compa doesn't seem to mind this at all.
  • In mk2, when 5pb., Nisa and Gust talk about how they would want Compa as their wife, IF gets angry and blurts out that Compa is "all her's" stunning the room to silence. She then realises what she said and attempts to take it back.
    • 5pb. wants to be invited to Compa and IF's wedding.
  • Also in mk2 and its remake Re;Birth 2 she kisses Nepgear in order to "jump start" Nepgear's HDD.

Superdimesion Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls Edit

  • In Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls, she has a subtexty relationship with the secondary protagonist Segami.

Hyperdimesion Neptunia The Animation Edit

  • In Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation's bloopers, IF is shown to have a photo of Compa sleeping on her phone, which she quickly hides in embarrassment.
  • In the manga for the animation, Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation: Hello New World, It is revealed IF romantically loves Compa and even expresses her desire to marry her.
  • In the manga, Iffy wants to "Get hot and steamy" and "start a family" with Compa.
  • IF would have prefered the manga to end with her and Compa to kissing and getting married.


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