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Iruse Strenz
イルセ ストレンズ
Iruse Sutorenzu
Age ?
Gayness 7
Boldness 4
Commitment 5
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Single

Iruse Strenz is the protagonist of the video game Moékuri: Adorable + Tactical SRPG. A cheerful girl working hard to protect her village ever since the mysterious disappearance of her mother. The only clue to her whereabouts is a magical grimoire known as “Nursery Rhyme”—a tome full of mysterious symbols that no one in the village can even begin to decipher. She along with her friend Nika were initially exploring a forest when a light appeared and caused the game's plot to start.

Yuri feats

  • She offers to make Nika some cookies for her being a "good girl" and go home when Nika was sick.
  • She gets embarrassed when Univa gets all touchy-feely with her.