Bu isara 012
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Crushing

Isara is a character in the video game Labyrinth of Refrain. She's a student at Ruler Magic Academy whom Velnya met in a particular room within the academy.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • At first sight, she fell in love with Velnya, and became fascinated by her personality.
  • The reason she broke up with Klaus: Because she loves Velnya.
  • After Velnya leave her in disgust, Isara gushed over her.
  • Isara meets with Velnya in the latter's dorm room, with Isara trying to convince her to become her servant so she wouldn't get bullied anymore.
  • When Velnya thought it over and told Isara to turn around so she could change. Isara noted they are both girls so she doesn't see an issue however she faces the wall anyway. Suddenly, Velnya threw a vase at her head and knocked Isara down. Coming back up to her feet, Isara was aroused by Velnya, the latter of which mentions to Isara that she is bleeding. As soon as Isara realized she is bleeding, she fell to the floor screaming.
  • Later on, Isara pops in to check on Velnya and surveys that her wounds won't kill her, Velnya asks why she's there and Isara mentions she just decided to bring her some food. Isara states that Baba Yaga would beat her as well if she knew she was there. She props up a mini picnic with tea and cookies for Velnya, iterating that she made chestnut flavored cookies which was Velnya's favorite.
  • Velnya and Isara were hanging out in Isara's room and Isara asked her for a kiss. Velnya iterates that she does not swing that way and said she will end the friendship if that's what the friendship had always been about. Isara told Velnya that she lied about wanting to be her friend the first time they met. *Isara confessed to Velnya that she loves her. Velnya, in a state of shock from the confession, is kissed by Isara. A gleeful Isara tells Velnya that as a reward for kissing her, she will tell her a secret. She closely approaches Velnya and whispers into her ear that she wants to kill Baba Yaga and take Velnya with her so they can run away together.

Gallery Edit

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