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Gayness 10
Boldness 6
Commitment 10
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status In a relationship

Jo is the protagonist of the yuri series Burst Angel. The muscle of the group, as well as the pilot of Django, which she uses to carry out various missions for Sei and to help out her friends when they're in need, mainly Meg, When she is not fighting, she enjoys watching horror or gore related movies.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Jo puts Meg over anything else, which she stated when telling Meg that she fights for her, and she'll do anything in order to keep her safe, even by shielding her like what happened in the first episode where she fell on her from behind trying to protect her, and save her whenever she becomes reckless.
  • The Expression she mostly wears is cold and tepid, unless she spots Meg in a dangerous situation in which she becomes expressly violent.
  • It is heavily implied throughout the series that she has romantic feelings for Meg.
  • After the fight between Maria and Jo, which pushes both of them to their limits, Maria loses her will to fight and is restored to her true humanity. Reunited with the group, Jo decides that she has to destroy RAPT. Against Meg's will, who is highly opposed to the idea after seeing her go through a lifetime of combat, Jo knocks Meg out for her own safety, bids her farewell, and leaves her jacket behind for her to remember her by. 
  • In episode 2, Meg is kidnapped by a cybot, and Jo goes after her, she go into the most dangerous part of town and retrieve Meg.
  • In episode 4, Meg is trapped on a train, then Wong turns into a monster. This monster drives the train into a Hinode building, and Jo saves Meg at the last second.
  • In episode 6, Meg goes undercover at an all-girls school named St. Luciana Academy, then attacked by a monster. Jo joins the school and kills the monstrous girl to save Meg.
  • In episode 12,The man in the Osaka police captures Meg, as Jo fights the cybot.
  • In episode 24, Jo knocks Meg unconscious for her own safety to take down RAPT.


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