Julia Tachibana
Tachibana Juria
Age 16-18
Gayness 10
Boldness 6
Commitment 10
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status In a relationship

Julia Tachibana is the protagonist of the yuri manga Strawberry Shake Sweet. She is one of the top talents in the company "Shanghai Talent Limited". She can be very stubborn and difficult, and hot-blooded in nature, but she's showing to be more soft after she fell in love with Ran. She's an orphan.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She fell in love with Ran at first sight.
  • She is crazy about Ran, as showing when she crushed a man passing to her place.
  • She is caring towards Ran as she bought her favorite types of cake after the performance.
  • She is prone to nose bleeds often when daydreaming about or being with Ran.
  • She is always in search of opportunities to get closer to Ran.
  • When she knew about Ran is being stalked she hurried to guard her, and explained the cause is for Ran's cuteness and went in a long dialogue of complements to her.
  • She made a remark of seduction to Ran when she offered to rub her shoulders after a performance.
  • She got one step closer to the heaven when Ran held her.
  • Ran's existence fills her with energy even though she's been working so much.
  • Thinks Ran is so cute.
  • Just by looking at Ran, she gets a terrible urge to kiss her.
  • She got crazy in love if Ran obeyed her, look up to her, or simply smiles.
  • The Heaven within Hell is what she experienced once Ran sniffed her hair in the car.
  • She decided to treat the girls who were talking with Ran to BBQ since she heard from their conversation the love element of Ran.
  • Spends her holiday waiting for Ran.
  • She'd like to go dating Ran to Rokubonki for brunch, and seeing the hills at Hakentou.
  • Realizing her love for Ran felt like the haze around her heart has cleared, since then she decided to attack the girl once she came to her, but ended up falling clumsily.
  • Although her ankle was sprinted of the fall, she madly switched to hold Ran with her eyes beaming in excitement.
  • Tried to steal a kiss from Julia while she was napping.
  • She totally loves Ran's personality, loves that affectionate aspect of hers.
  • She understands Haruna's feelings for Kaoru.
  • Ran's smile is radiating in her heart.
  • Begged Kaoru to stay away from Ran, and was discontent with her because she made Ran change her clothes, seeing Ran half-naked.
  • Moved to tears after viewing Ran in a new look that she wanted to take a picture.
  • Felt excitement once Ran places her cold hand on her slapped cheek after the drama filming.
  • Asked the actresses to slap her just to have Ran's affectionate cold touch.
  • Goes alone with Ran to the karaoke.
  • After making the big decisions of putting some distance between her and Ran as rival talents, she spent the night in tears, so it was difficult for her.
  • Asked Saeki to give Ran a brand new poster of herself without any creases or pin marks.
  • Gets easily annoyed and jealous if any girl approaches Ran.
  • It really affect her spirits if she hadn't talked with Ran in just two days.
  • Even though she had to separate her work time with Ran from her private feelings, she couldn't stop herself from worrying about Ran and her first audition.
  • Even though she and Ran are rivals, she came to support her anonymously.
  • Gave Ran a bouquet on her first audition.
  • Cried in embarrassment after Ran kissed her hand while she was teaching her a charm against nervousness just before her first audition.
  • Ran's sad face had melted her heart that she hugged her, then smashed her to the ground later on because she felt she was close to do more intimate things with her.
  • Spaced out thinking about Ran while Saeki was talking to her.

Gallery Edit

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