Juri Arisugawa
Anime 33101 285869
Arisugawa Juri
Age 16
Gayness 9
Boldness 5
Commitment 9
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status In a relationship

Juri Arisugawa is an antagonist character in the yuri series "Shoujo Kakumei Utena". The captain of the academy's fencing team, Juri is one of Ohtori's most highly respected students, and even the teachers appear to be in awe of her. Her aloof, intimidating manner belies a dark secret. Of the Student Council Duelists, she is thought to be the most noble, and thus the one with the most potential to become a Prince. Her Dueling Rose is orange.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • In the past, she has been hurt in by her friend Shiori Takatsuki, with whom Juri secretly loves very deeply. While viewers are at first led to believe that Shiori stole Juri's boyfriend from her, it is later revealed that it was in fact Shiori who Juri loved all along.
  • Juri adamantly insists that she doesn't believe in miracles. However, she desperately wishes for a miracle in order to resolve her situation with Shiori.
  • The locket she wears have Shiori's picture inside.
  • She have knew it even then, "believe in miracles and they will know your feelings", it was Shiori who told her that, the small quantity of hatred towards Shiori because she can't make Shiori realize how she feels.
  • In order to manipulate Utena Tenjou into removing her precious ring, she used seduction by touching her lightly under moonlight.
  • She realizes her feelings for Shiori haven't lessened as time has passed, no matter what happened, the two of them then were truly happy. However, when she sees their faces (Shiori and her previous boyfriend whom have been mistaken as Juri's love interest by Shiori) now, shining with happiness, it makes her feel nostalgic, it makes her feel jealous and envious of her boyfriend to have Shiori to himself.


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