Kī Saegusa
Photokatsu Kii
冴草 きい
Saegusa Kī
Age 14-16
Gayness 9
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Kī Saegusa is a main character in the series Aikatsu!. She's a pop type idol whose primary brand is Magical Toy. Very cheerful and energetic. She has a habit of saying certain words twice or even thrice before ending a phrase or sentence. Kī's favorite beverage is Brain Thunder and her favorite food is Pon Pon Crepes, and her least favorite is spicy curry. Her birthday is December 3.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • The reason she wanted to tell everyone everything about Seira is due to her love for her.
  • She almost knows everything about Seira, like how she have a little sister, and how was raised by the sound of music, playing the piano, violin, and guitar, and delved into Rock.
  • Before Seira's concert, For her sake, she got the top designer to make the dress cards of Swing Rock premium coord, then advanced to hug her closely, asking her to put on that Special Coord in her heart.
  • While she was researching about Starlight Academy idols, she said: "Seira, i love you" as she received a drink from her.
  • Outfits which draws out Seira's cute side are her favorites.
  • She'll do anything for Seira.
  • After Seira won against Ichigo at Swing Idol Live, she promised to produce Seira to the top, then blushed as Seira held her hands thankfully.
  • The first time she visited Seira's house, she was excited that she kept smiling happily.
  • At an episode named "Love's Top Secret", she believed mister S was going after Seira's "lovey-cutesy side".
  • Even though she became an idol, she worked hard to protect Seira from scandals, continuing to be her producer.
  • While blushing timidly, she said Seira going "Meow Meow" to a kitty is a really cute thing to do.
  • Before Pon Pon Crepe audition, she made "ok-ok-okay" sign with Seira, also as for their first audition together.
  • For Chocopop detective audition, she took the role of Seira's assistant who would cling to her, and feed her ball-shaped chocolates, she also would receive some from her in order to create the inspirations needed for solving the mysteries.
  • In the end of Cool Angels drama audition, she hugged Maria while blushing.
  • She got shy once Seira told her that she loves her.
  • In her lab, she had a slurp of Thunder Brain bottle Seira was holding.
  • Can't survive without thinking about Seira.
  • Cant stop thinking about Seira.
  • The reason she became Seira's producer: Because she loves her.
  • Considers Seira as "Kii's super idol".
  • No matter what, she wanted to pass an audition only to make Seira happy.
  • From among the members of Cool Angels drama audition, she clings to Seira in the director's Tigers plan.
  • Blushed when Seira grabbed her hands while telling her how they really do know each other the best.

Gallery Edit

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