Kōme Yukimi
雪見 小梅
Yukimi Kōme
Age 15
Gayness 8
Boldness 6
Commitment 7
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Crushing

Kōme Yukimi is one of the main characters of the yuri series Urara Meirochou. An energetic and blunt girl who dresses like a witch and specializes in tarot fortune telling.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • In one of the scenes of the opening, she fed and was being fed sweets by Kon Tatsumi.
  • Chiya's habit is to strip whoever apologies to her, when she and Kon did apologies for Chiya, they had a passionate stripping moment with each other.
  • She loves the feeling of Chiya's soft hair along with her friends Nono and Kon.
  • For giving Chiya her sweet dish which was made by Nina Natsume, she gets shy when Chiya rubbed her cheek against hers.
  • Playfully, she can strip and tickle Chiya's belly.
  • Chiya's hair knot is a love knot, when Chiya's hair gets tangled up with Kōme's button, their relationship deepened through feeding each other some sweets, and sleeping with each other.
  • Her relationship with Chiya flourished at episode 3 when she said to her that their meeting must have been fate, and blushed when she had notices that her button was no longer attached resulting in her chest was visible to her, then in the public she blushed when Chiya fell on her giving her a hug.
  • As she read aloud the famous phrase of Juliet from the story book "Romeo & Juliet", she enunciated to Chiya: "Wherefore art thou Chiya".
  • Noticing that Nina is searching for love, Koume decides to try and find her a soulmate using pendulum divination. As the girls follow Koume's pendulum around town, Saku, worried about what they are up to, disguises herself to follow them, getting mistaken for a handsome man. After Chiya eventually manages to recognize her, the girls deduce that Saku is the best soulmate for Nina, and she accepted to go to meet her, and have dinner with her.
  • At the sweets shop she and Chiya was thought to be lovers in a quarrel by the customers.
  • In one of the official arts, she touched Nono Natsume's butt with a mischievous smile, leaving Nono nervous and embarrassed.


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