Shoujo Bigaku 1 1-1
Age ?
Gayness 9
Boldness 5
Commitment 10
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status Dating

Kaede is a protagonist in the story "I Want to Become Her" from the yuri manga Shoujo Bigaku. A girl who is a big fan of the fashion model Matsuri Haruna. She's living together with Matsuri because her parents went abroad for work and she had to stay here for school, she was sent to live with distant relatives, who turned out to be Matsuri's family.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • In Month's Fifteens fashion magazine, the more she looks at Matsuri the cuter she is, and the closer she is to Matsuri, the prettier she looks.
  • She admires Matsuri, she's her ideal, she wants to be her, to her she was a glittering star in the sky something far out of reach, she was supposed to be anyway, it was an unimaginable surprise for her to find herself living in Matsuri's house.
  • In the beginning, she was walking on air she was so happy for living with Matsuri, but meeting her in person just served to fuel her inferiority complex.
  • The real thing is completely different from the mature image Matsuri has in the magazines, she's very childish, adorable, and in top of that, she's totally spoiled, every time she encounters that side of her, her heart starts pounding.
  • The more time she spend with Matsuri, the more possessive she gets, like when she gets jealous when Matsuri is touchy-feely with other girls
  • She loves Matsuri's big eyes, framed by long eyelashes, and her juicy glossy lips which she can't restrain herself from kissing her, as she doesn't understand her own behavior, after kissing her she wished there was a hole in the ground for her to crawl into out of embarrassment.
  • The beads of water trickling down Matsuri's body make her look even prettier even more alluring to touch her in the bathtub.
  • She enjoys the wonderful feeling of Matsuri' s warmness and softness in the bed.
  • Though she wonders at the way she's changing, she honestly wants to become Matsuri' s girlfriend.
  • For viewing Matsuri's naked body in the bath, it's like her heart was leaping out of her chest.


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