Kale Boceto DBS
Age 15-16
Gayness 10
Boldness 4
Commitment 10
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status In a relationship

Kale is a supporting character who appears in Dragon Ball Super. She is a cute and timid pure-blooded saiyan girl who is second-in-command of the Saiyan Gangsters (Cultists in the manga) and is Caulifla's protégé and best friend. Kale is the strongest and most powerful saiyan in the 6th universe and she seems to a yandere-like personality as she is always by Caulifla's side and gets violent when someone comes between them, causing to transform into a "berserker state" of the Super Saiyan transformation, which is thought to be the true form of a Saiyan.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Kale always stays by Caulifla's side and never leaves her.
  • Kale is deeply attached to Caulifla and always wants to be close to her.
  • When Kale watches Caulifla transform into a super saiyan, she blushes.
  • Kale gets jealous of Caulifla having a friendly argument with Cabba and starts to cry.
  • When Kale collapses and falls into Caulifla's arms, she smiles.
  • Kale hides behind Caulifla while walking over to meet Goku.
  • When Kale sees Caulifla having a sparring match against Goku and ignoring her presence, she grows very jealous and angry at Goku for stealing Caulifla away from her and transforms into her Super Saiyan Berserk form.
  • When Caulifla tells Goku that she is proud of Kale, she blushes and is moved by Caulifla's words.
  • During the fight against the Pride Troopers, Kale watches in sadness that Caulifla is putting everything she can to protect her and seeing her getting hurt, Kale started to cry and gets really upset about her insecurities and overcomes them by transforming into a super saiyan and helps Caulifla defeat the Pride Troopers.
  • Kale hides with Caulifla during the battle, so they can protect each other.
  • Kale admires Caulifla's words of getting stronger.

Gallery Edit

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