Kaori Sakuragi
EP38702 447405
桜木 花織
Sakuragi Kaori
Age 15
Gayness 10
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status Separated

Kaori Sakuragi is a minor character from "Strawberry Panic!". She is a former student of Astrea hill. She attended St. Miator's Girls' Acadamy alongside Miyuki Rokujou and Shizuma Hanazono, who were given the task of helping her enjoy her highschool experience. She have a placid and graceful personality.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Over time, Shizuma and Kaori began to get closer, eventually falling in-love with each other.
  • She likes to view the starlit night sky with Shizuma.
  • Before she met Shizuma she was no longer truely alive, and Shizuma has freed her from that world.
  • She drank from Shizuma's teacup of Rokujou's tea blend.
  • She and Shizuma decide to become the Etoile together, Kaori passed away not long after, leaving Shizuma heartbroken.
  • In the middle of episode 19 she had a lovemaking with Shizuma under the moonlight outside the gate of the academy. When she was about to disappear from the world, she wondered if Shizuma will stay be beautiful, strong and perfect in every way, the way she likes. She wrote a letter for her so she'll read it someday, under the holder of the Etoile necklaces, she informed that she have no regrets, just that she pray that someday that letter will reach her, and reminded her of the days after they became Etoile, under the guidance of the past Etoile, the first time they entered the greenhouse, she fell in love the first time she saw it, the greenhouse was very beautiful, no matter what season it is, there will be always be the sweet scent of flowers and plants, cold winds and rain don't reach there, just like the place they live, Astraea's Hill, and telling her that she'll disappear before she's able to see the outside world, to be protected by Shizuma's warm love, and seeing the rain pouring down on the outside, she felt happy, she've never once thought of leaving that place, she likes it there, she mentioned that Shizuma is unlike her because she can walk under the cold, windy rain and look at the new world, a brand new world definitely awaits her there, and she'll surly have new encounters, that there should be someone beside her who is always supporting her, she adviced her to be free and stay the way she loves, the beautiful, strong, capable, and free Shizuma forever and ever.
  • Ever since elementary school, she has always admired Shizuma for so long, and she seeks to be by her side.


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