Karen Ayugase
鮎ケ瀬 花蓮
Ayugase Karen
Age 15-18
Gayness 10
Boldness 6
Commitment 10
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Crushing

Karen Ayugase is a supporting character in the series Castle Town Dandelion. A student at Royal Sakuraka High School, as well as Akane's best friend and classmate. She can also get embarrassed and shy sometimes when people compliment her.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Karen is deeply grateful that Akane saved her in the past: When Karen was younger, Akane came to her house after making her bodyguards lost because she though that they would scare Karen. Karen explained that her mother was coming home late, but wasn't lonely because Akane was with her. However, after hearing some noises upstairs, which they mistook for Karen's dad, was actually two burglars. Akane then attacked them, by throwing things at them and using her ability. However, after a while one of the guys threatened to kill them with a kitchen knife, and Akane (and Karen) extremely scared, Akane used her ability and made it go overboard, which caused a marge off the house destroyed. After the two burglars were caught, Karen said that at that day, Akane didn't let go of Karen's hand when she was crying. Wherefore, they are very close and share a special bond.
  • Karen deeply cares for Akane and often worries about her. She shares fun memories with her and they trust each other very much. Her phone's background had a background of herself embracing Akane with her arms clasped around her waist.
  • She have some romantic feelings for Akane. For example, she also has nosebleed when Akane unintentionally shows her panties,
  • In an early scene, she was clearly upset when Akane confesses she was only joking when she said, that she wants to marry her.
  • There was a scene in a certain episode when she and Akane were meeting in a glowy pink ambiance.
  • Only because Akane simply told her how she's thankful for receiving special treatment from her, she blushes right away while looking slightly shy.


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