Karin Ozu
20190701 205908
Ozu Karin
Age 17
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 6
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Dating

Karin Ozu is a main character in the story Girls' Lives in Yuri Hime Collection. A laidback, eccentric, charitable, and generous upperclassman who likes listening to music. There's a rumor about one of her parents being a celebrity. She can smoke out on the veranda half-naked.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She gives each girl she saves from the bullies Miyamoto and Nakata a piece of cherry flavored candy, including Mari-Rin.
  • She can rest her head on Nao's lap.
  • Upon meeting Mari-Rin for the second time while watching over her from the veranda, she said that she's totally cute.
  • While giving Nao a hug from behind, she said: "Love Ya, Nao".
  • She can be found cuddling Nao.

Gallery Edit

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