Kase Tomoka
加瀬 友香
Tomoka Kase
Age 16-18
Gayness 10
Boldness 7
Commitment 10
Lewdness 8
Relationship Status In a relationship

Kase Tomoka is a main character from the yuri manga Asagao To Kase-san. She is a member of the school's track and field club and has exceedingly good athletic skill, often racing in tournaments. she gets tanned easily, she prefers to eat whole shortcakes pieces with her hands. she is a little manipulative and pervert. The star track member in the class next-door to Yui Yamada.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She was always watching Yui weeding the gardens during the practice.
  • She got nervous when she said that she was hoping to see Yui during summer break.
  • At the changing room, she stared at Yui wearing underwear, than quickly turned away her red face.
  • She blushed when Yui stick her arm next to hers to compare their skin tints.
  • She dates girls before she fell in love with her sweetheart Yui.
  • When she allowed Kase to ride on her bike, she kept glancing at her thighs and blushed,then she toke Yui's hand and united them around her waist into a tight embrace.
  • At chapter 3, she can get closer to Yui in a sneaky and manipulative way unnoticeable by her, like when she get closer to her to listen to the song she love, and have an indirect kiss with her using her bottle of tea.
  • She invited Yui to come see her training, but when she didn't shows up she get worried then she searched all over for her.
  • She loves Yui's singing voice, and she get really pissed when Yui's friends laughed at her voice.
  • In sakura trees blooming season, she hugged Yui at her house asking her permission to call her by her first name, and after that she finally do the lovemaking in her room.

Gallery Edit

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